The 15 Best Free Trap Sample Packs of 2022

The 15 Best Free Trap Sample Packs of 2022

One of the most fascinating aspects of trap music is the incredible amount of energy it can deliver, while taking on many different forms and variations.

Ground shaking 808’s, rhythmic synth lines, bouncing hi hats… it’s no wonder this genre became a crowd’s favorite during festival season not so long ago.

So, if you’re reading this it’s very likely that you’re looking into creating your own festival trap bangers. And whether you’re just starting out or looking for new inspiration, we’ve put together this list with 6 free trap drum kits and 6 premium libraries to save you some time.

Just as a quick side note, it doesn’t really matter if you want to make trap beats for rappers or EDM trap bangers, we got you covered on both frontlines!


Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack is a free and 100% royalty free trap sample pack that comes with all the tools needed to start making placement ready beats that are radio quality. 


  • 10 808s
  • 9 Claps
  • 6 Crash Cymbals
  • 11 Xrum Loops
  • 12 FX (Vinyl scratches, impacts, gunshots)
  • 12 Closed Hi Hats
  • 9 Open Hi Hats
  • 9 Rimshots
  • 12 Snares
  • 7 Vocal Loops
Delirium - 120 BPM Fmin
Animal - 136 BPM Cmin
Banter Drum Loop - 140 BPM
Affiliated Drum Loop - 152 BPM


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Cobra is one of our favorite projects that we’ve ever worked on, and the best part about it is…

It’s completely FREE!

We spent countless hours in our studios collaborating with professional guitar players, piano players, flute players, and every single instrumentalist that we could find!

We proceeded to give these recordings to our production team so they could play around with them and the results were mind blowing.

You can build multiple of your own free trap drum kits with this sample pack, so make sure to grab these goodies.

Cobra is comprised of:

  • 15+ 808s
  • 50+ Drum Loops
  • 50+ Drum One Shots
  • 30+ FX
  • 60+ Instrumental Melody Loops
  • 40+ MIDI Files
Cobra Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Cobra Percussion Loop Demo 1
Cobra Flute Loop Wet Demo 1
Cobra Guitar Loop Wet Demo 1


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Oracle is one of the packs of our most recent three part collection which you can download entirely for FREE!

Finding samples online has never been easier, and sometimes diggin’ the little gold nuggets in a vast sea of recycled samples can be draining.

We really wanted to address this emerging issue with this collection, so here you’ll find Melodic Loops, MIDI, and 808’s all in one place carefully crafted to meet industry standard requirements.

Included in Oracle:

  • 103 Melody Loops (Stems included)
  • 100 MIDI Files
  • 34 808s
Oracle Melody Loop Demo 1
Oracle Melody Loop Demo 2
Oracle 808 Demo 1
Oracle 808 Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Kendrick Lamar is hands down one of our generation’s greatest.

Several Grammys won, constantly selling out venues, and multiple chart-toppers under his belt, it’s no wonder rappers and music producers all around the world look up to him.

Our team put together this all encompassing pack, capturing everything from vintage boom-bap to jazz fusion to modern trap styles of Hip Hop that Kendrick is known for.

Included in HUMBLE:

  • 20+ Drum Loops
  • 40+ Drum One Shots
  • 9 Melody Loops
  • Various FX
Humble Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Humble Top Drum Loop Demo 1
Humble Melody Loop Demo 1
Humble Melody Loop Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

For over a decade, Drake has been releasing hit after hit.

His success, undeniable. His sound, unique!

Our production team spent days breaking down top hits like Portland, Gyalchester, and Fake Love to make sure every single sound in this pack was as authentic as possible.

This pack is a great addition to your arsenal to build diverse free trap drum kits with the peculiar yet unique OVO Sound.

Included in 9GOD:

  • 20+ Drum Loops
  • 50+ Drum One Shots
  • 8 FX
  • 10 Melody Loops
  • 10 MIDI Files
  • 11 Serum Presets
9God Full Drum Loop Demo 1
9God Top Loop Demo 2
9God Melody Loop Demo 1
9God Melody Loop Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Travis Scott is an essential artist of the modern Hip Hop sound.

His latest album, Astroworld, rapidly became the number one album in the US and gained hundreds of millions of streams worldwide!

Our production team was blown away by it, and swiftly hit the studios after taking a listen.

After a couple nights of channeling all the newfound inspiration, the result was this incredible sample pack.

Included in Astro:

  • 20+ Drum Loops
  • 50+ Drum One Shots
  • 10+ FX Samples
  • 10 Melody Loops
Astro Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Astro Top Loop Demo 1
Astro Melody Loop Demo 1
Astro Melody Loop Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

As we already know, Hip Hop is currently one of the most dominant music genres in the music industry.

Inspired by some of its top artists like Drake, Migos, and Travis Scott, our production team spent hundreds of hours studying their sound to guarantee that this pack was as true as possible to their sound.

So, if you’re looking for that modern Hip Hop sound, look no further, Diamonds Vol. 1 will take your tracks to the next level.

Included in Diamonds Vol. 1:

  • 25 808 Samples
  • 120+ Drum One Shots
  • 50 Drum Loops
  • 20 FX
  • 35 Melody Loops
  • 10 Chants
  • 35 MIDI Files
Diamonds Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Top Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Synth Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Piano Loop Demo 1


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Following the steps and incredible success of Diamonds Vol. 1, we listened to the community feedback, took everything we learned from the first version and decided to push everything to the NEXT level!

Improved melody loops, harder drum loops, and nastier 808s… we truly believe this sample pack is essential for contemporary beatmakers.

Included in Diamonds Vol. 2:

  • 128 Drum Loops
  • 200 Drum One Shots
  • 25 FX
  • 55 Melody Loops
  • 15 Vocals
Diamonds Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Percussion Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Melody Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Melody Loop Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Diamonds Vol. 3 is our most recent sample pack, and it’s officially a trilogy.

The goal of our production team with this series was to keep beating its predecessor, so they gathered up and brainstormed multiple ideas on how to achieve this once again.

We’ve added tons of new synths and analog equipment to our studios, and after working multiple sessions, the result was this premium library of samples which includes industry level drum one shots, heavy hitting 808s, crisp snares, drum loops and much more!

Included in Diamonds Vol. 3:

  • 20+ 808 One Shots
  • 70+ Drum Loops
  • 120+ Drum One Shots
  • 20+ FX
  • 15+ Hi Hat MIDI Files
  • 40+ One Shots
  • 40 Melodic Loops w/ Stems Included
Diamonds Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Top Drum Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Melody Loop Demo 1
Diamonds Melody Loop Demo 2


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

As we all know, the 808 is one of the most essential elements of trap music.

This superb pack will help you take your understanding of this key element to the next level. Each 808 has been crafted to make sure they’re powerful, versatile, and more useful than ever.

808 Essentials is genuinely a must-have addition to your collection if you want to improve your low end quickly and efficiently!

Included in 808 essentials:

  • 100+ 808 Samples
  • 7 Massive Presets
  • 12 Serum Presets
808 Essentials 808 Demo 1
808 Essentials 808 Demo 2
808 Essentials 808 Demo 3
808 Essentials 808 Demo 4
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