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Sample Pack Box

Trap - Starter Pack

So many factors go into creating incredible Trap music, but it all starts with having clean and professional samples.

Seriously, when you have access to the same quality of sounds as all the top producers, the possibilities of just how amazing your tracks can be are endless.

That’s why when we went to create this pack, our team of sound designers carefully studied the sounds of top tier Trap artists and captured the same essence, usability, and stellar quality for every sound.

The result was a pack filled with breathtaking sounds that can be used to instantly enhance your tracks and give you a clean mix.

The best part is, you can now download all 200 samples and loops for FREE!

Take advantage of this ridiculous offer, download this Trap Sample Pack now, and get started creating your best song yet!

Included in this pack:

  • 200 Trap Samples & Loops
Boomin 808 32
Hybrid Trap Drop Loop 7
Hybrid Trap Vocal Loop 6
Lead One Shot 30
Scarlet Brass Loop 14
Titan Arp Loop 21
Trap Full Drum Loop 1
Trap Snare 7