The Best Free Ableton Live Sample Packs for 2020

The Best Free Ableton Live Sample Packs for 2020

Ableton Live, one of the most popular and powerful programs you will find in the ongoing “DAW Wars” that producers have been waging since we started recording on computers.

But we’re not here to debate what DAW is the best, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the producer behind the DAW.

… And the samples they have at their disposal.

If you’re an ableton live user that is looking for the best free sample packs to use with ableton, this list should start you in the right direction.

Cymatics Free Ableton Sample Packs


Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

For Odyssey we rebuilt our production team and we’ve really focused on EDM, to put together the ultimate sample pack for every DJ whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Each sound inside was carefully designed by experts to give you full control when choosing the vibe and direction of your next track.

Take your music from the studio to the big stages with the biggest and most unique EDM pack we’ve ever released!

45 midi files

55 drum loops

84 drum one shots

47 FX samples

25 synth one shots

49 original stems


Oracle Hip Hop Sample Collection

Oracle is a three part library composed of one of the best free melody loop packs we’ve ever made, 100 MIDI files and some of the hardest 808s you’ll find.

Get this and you’ll have everything you need to start a track and find inspiration quickly!

103 melody loops (including stems)

100 MIDI files

34 high quality 808s



Eternity Boom Bap Sample Pack

Eternity is a classic hip hop sample pack that was inspired by the recording techniques and production on classic albums like the infamous, illmatic, enter the wu tang, and others.

62 boom bap drum loops

102 boom bap drum one shots

48 vocal samples

22 tape loops

19 melody loops + stems

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cobra is one of our most popular free packs, and for good reason.

Cobra is an all encompassing hip hop style sample pack, including some more modern drums and samples, it also contains more classic style drum loops reminiscent of the boom bap drum sound.

Within Cobra, you will find these free samples:

100+ drum one shots

50+ drum loops

29 melody loops

14 trap hi hat midi patterns

24 Midi melodies

5 Midi chord progressions

2020 Melody Collection

What is cool about this sample pack for ableton live is that along with the amazing melody loops there are 3~4 stems for each loop, making it easy for you to work with each stem individually in different tracks in ableton and really customize the samples and make them your own.

40 free melody loops

High quality stems of each loop

Symbolyc One Sample Pack

For this pack Cymatics teamed up with Symbolyc One, one of the most prolific producers in the hip hop industry.

He has produced for some of the biggest names in the industry including Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, Beyonce, and more

S1 included so many amazing sounds from his very own personal collection in this pack and they really encompass what modern hip-hop is all about.

10 percussion one shots

15 drum loops

20 hi hats

6 bass samples

10 melody loops

5 Midi chord progressions

Lofi Toolkit

In this toolkit, you'll find plenty of drum loops and drum one shots to build a solid foundation for your lofi beat or instrumental.

Not to mention, the melody loops are specifically designed to fit perfectly in a lofi setting and are an amazing source for inspiration!

In the free lofi sample pack, you will find:

70+ free drum loops and hi hat loops

60+ free drum one shot samples

26 free melody loops

22 free midi chord progressions

Dreams Preview Pack

This pack is a portion of one of our most famous premium libraries, the Dreams Vintage Library.

This pack, like Eternity, utilized old school recording and sampling techniques using cassette and reel to reel tape machines.

9 drum one shots

10 melody loops

4 drum loops

3 percussion samples

Rhodes Pack

The Rhodes Piano is a legendary instrument and can be found on music of all genres dating back to the early 70’s.

The chord one shots are great for using with Abletons simpler or sampler to create your own virtual instrument!

In the free rhodes piano sample pack, you will find:

6 tape processed melody loops

4 chord one shots

4 tape loops

6 melody loops

Hip Hop Starter Kit

The hip hop starter kit is another like Cobra that is a cross between a modern hip hop kit and a boom bap drum kit.

Our free Hip Hop Start Kit includes:

15 full drum loops

10 top drum loops

75 drum one shots

15 basses/808s

10 melody loops

10 Fx

10 Vocal Chants

Life Ambient Recordings

Adding real-world sounds to your tracks is a perfect way to create an authentic, human feel that can’t be achieved with digital synths and sounds.

“LIFE” Ambient Recordings is filled to the brim with recordings including fire crackles, downtown city ambience, crowds, calm ocean sounds, waterfalls, rivers, streams, vinyl crackles, farm noises, and more!

Inside this free sample pack you will find:

150 Ambient Recordings

Python Midi Collection

Ableton is known for having some great stock instruments like operator, wavetable, sampler etc.

Using the MIDI from Python to control these instruments or other external VSTs like Serum or Massive can lead to endless hours of fun creating melodies and progressions to start building your tracks around.

Inside this free ableton live sample pack, you will find:

51 MIDI files

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