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What is COBRA Hip Hop Sample Pack?

After connecting with some of the world’s best artists in the Hip Hop space, it seems that a lot of their songs always have that “IT” factor that make them successful.

And after analyzing thousands of songs and working with top people in the industry, we realized the KEY ingredient is: Great artistry and musicianship.

In fact, we’ve been doing studio sessions nonstop for months so you can get professional recordings of guitars, flutes, pianos, and more -- all 100% royalty-free.

Then we gave these recordings to our production team and the melody loops and textures they created were incredible.

The “COBRA” Hip Hop sample pack captures these sessions by giving you an authentic collection of flute & guitar recordings, melody loops, drum loops, drum one shots, MIDI, and more.

Each of the guitar & flute loops were professionally recorded by session players who flew out to work with us.

Cobra Melody Loop 3
Cobra Melody Loop 16
Cobra Melody Loop 21
Cobra 808
Cobra Full Drum Loop 16
Cobra Guitar Loop 5
Cobra Hihat Loop 2
Cobra Kick 4
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