Ultimate List of Royalty Free Vocal Sample Packs

Ultimate List of Royalty Free Vocal Sample Packs
Having a good sounding track is huge, but the single most important element (by far) that makes your music stand out immensely are great vocal samples.

It’s hard to find great royalty free vocal samples these days, so I’ve put together a list of what I think are one of the best free vocal samples you can possibly find on the internet.

Have a look and just grab what you need. Everything is organized neatly so it’s easy for you to download whatever samples you need for your next big hit!

Note: ALL Cymatics' samples & vocal samples are 100% Royalty Free.

Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The first pack on this list is Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack, just because this pack contains TONS of our best vocal samples to date. Most of these free vocal samples come in a dry and wet version.

These vocal samples will definitely set yourself apart from other artists and producers and with these samples you can make any track memorable.

  • 2 a cappellas
  • 48 ad libs
  • 26 chants
  • 12 pre-drop vocals
  • 44 sung phrases
  • 29 tonal one shots
  • 27 vocal chops
  • 12 vocal FX
  • 33 vocal phrases
Euphoria Vocal Chop Demo
Euphoria Processed Phrase Demo
Euphoria Vocal Phrase (Dry) Demo
Euphoria Pre-Drop Phrase Demo

Eternity Vintage Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Eternity Vintage Collection is actually a HUGE high quality collection of samples for a free pack. The vocal section in this pack is seriously what you can’t miss out on if you’re looking for amazing ad libs and phrases.

  • 48 free vocal samples
  • 30 guitar loops
  • 22 MIDI files
  • 19 melody loops + stems
  • 102 drum one shots
  • 62 drum loops
Eternity Wet Phrase Demo
Eternity Dry Phrase Demo
Eternity Wet Ad Lib Demo
Eternity Dry Ad Lib Demo

Cymatics Vocal Essentials

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

This pack is not free, but the amount of high quality vocal samples you’ll get for the price? Unbelievable. Make sure to check out the reverse FX as well. They’re pretty fun to play around with and you can create some very unique vibes with them.

  • 36 vocal arps
  • 60 vocal chops
  • 19 vocal reverse FX
  • 25 vocal shots
  • 25 vocoder loops
Vocal Essentials Vocoder Loop Demo 1
Vocal Essentials Vocoder Loop Demo 2
Vocal Essentials Chop Demo 1
Vocal Essentials Arp Demo 1

Vocal Bundle

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Vocal Bundle actually contains three different vocal sample packs: Ethereal Vocal Loops & One Shots, Celestial Acapellas Vol 1 and Celestial Bonus Acapella.

Having access to this collection of vocal samples gives you a lot of freedom and makes everything you’re writing sound a little more interesting.

Studio A cappella Demo
Ethereal Vocal Arp Demo
Ethereal Vocal Chop
Ethereal Vocoder Loop

Anthem Vocal Loops & One Shots

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

This is one of our most downloaded vocal sample packs to date. Going through the vocal samples in this pack alone already gives you ideas for years to come, seriously.

You can make so many original vocal lines with just the samples from this pack alone!

  • 227 high quality vocal loops
  • 147 original vocal one shots
  • 27 vocoder loops
Solace Vocoder Loop Demo
Solace Vocal Loop Demo
Anthem Vocoder Loop Demo

Odyssey EDM sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The free vocal samples you’ll find in this pack are outstanding. The vocal loops are perfect for most EDM style tracks and beats. Also check out the rest of the pack, which is just as fire as the vocal loops!

  • 7 free vocal loops
  • 45 MIDI files
  • 25 synth one shots
  • 55 drum loops
  • 19 synth loops
  • 84 drum one shots
  • 49 stems
Huge Vocal Loop Demo
Happy Vocal Chop Demo Loop
Euphoric Vocal Demo Loop
Interesting Vocal Loop Demo

Lofi Deluxe Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

I seriously love these 15 little vocal chops of the Deluxe Lofi Collection. Just scrolling through the vocal samples alone can already give you tons of new inspiration for new beats and tracks!

  • 15 vocal chops
  • 98 drum one shots
  • 36 bass & 808 samples
  • 36 full drum loops
  • 12 hi hat loops
  • 91 MIDI files
Deluxe Lofi Vocal Chop Demo 1
Deluxe Lofi Vocal Chop Demo 2
Deluxe Lofi Vocal Chop Demo 3
Deluxe Lofi Vocal Chop Demo 4

Ultimate Lofi Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

This has to be one of the most versatile lofi packs ever. This pack contains literally everything you need to write and build complete original songs. The vocal section of this pack contains a ton of vocal loops for you to use in your next productions! 

  • 45 vocal loops
  • 72 MIDI files
  • 255 foley percussion 
  • 74 full melody loops
  • 10 topline melody loops
  • 42 guitar loops
Lofi Vocal Loop Demo 1
Lofi Vocal Loop Demo 1
Lofi Vocal Loop Demo 1
Lofi Vocal Loop Demo 1

Roses Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

I’ve had so much fun playing around with this pack that I really needed to include this one as well. This pack works so well if you’re looking for those high quality vocal chops to spice up your productions.

  • 7 high quality vocal chops
  • 21 drum loops
  • 28 drum one shots
  • 6 guitar loops
  • 16 melody loops
  • 11 MIDI files
Roses Vocal Chop Demo 1
Roses Vocal Chop Demo 2
Roses Vocal Chop Demo 3
Roses Vocal Chop Demo 4
Premium Vocal Sample Packs

Mythic Vocal Chops Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

This is a beautiful little collection of high quality vocal chops and one shots. You can actually build complete vocal lines with just these two ingredients.

  • 40 vocal chops
  • 20 vocal one shots
Mythic Vocal One Shot Demo 1
Mythic Vocal One Shot Demo 2
Mythic Vocal Chop Demo 1
Mythic Vocal Chop Demo 2
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