Diamonds Hip Hop Sample Pack

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Diamonds Hip Hop Sample Pack

Hip Hop is the most dominant genre in the music industry today. Just look at huge artists like Drake, Migos, and Travis Scott who are constantly selling out stadiums and dominating top charts everywhere.

This genre is nearly impossible to avoid and it’s heavily influencing tons of other genres as well. Inspired by these top tier artists and the modern Hip Hop movement, our production team set out to create 300 high quality Hip Hop samples that EVERY producer needs to get their hands on.

Each member of our team carefully studied top Hip Hop producers like Metro Boomin, London On Da Track, and Murda Beatz while making this pack to make sure every sound was as authentic as possible. They constructed unique melody loops, fully fledged drum loops, powerful 808 samples, and everything in between so you can make better beats more quickly.

And even if you don’t produce Hip Hop, these sounds are amazing for many RnB, Pop, & EDM songs as well -- to name a few.

Make your tracks sound more modern, professional, and unique with this must-have Hip Hop soundbank now!

All resources included with this offer can be used with Maschine, Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Logic & MORE!

Synth Melody Loop 6 - 128 BPM D Min
Synth Melody Loop 11 - 140 BPM C Min
Synth Melody Loop 15 - 150 BPM C# Min
Synth Melody Loop 17 - 150 BPM C# Min
Synth Melody Loop 24 - 160 BPM A# Min
Full Drum Loop 3 - 110 BPM
Full Drum Loop 4 - 128 BPM
Full Drum Loop 12 - 160 BPM
Hihat Loop 6 - 140 BPM
Hihat Loop 9 - 140 BPM
Piano Melody Loop 9 - 140 BPM G# Min
808 3 - C#
Kick 2 - C
Snare 7 - C#
Various FX 3 - Stomp
Vocal 3 - Yeah

Free bonus pack:
Hip Hop Beat Starters Toolkit

This bonuses are ONLY available with your copy of Diamonds.

Hip Hop Beat Starters Toolkit

This is a must-have collection of inspiring construction kits that will help you understand how professional Hip Hop tracks are truly made.
We’ve included 4 complete beats in the style of Drake, Migos, and Travis Scott that can each be completely separated and studied.
Analyze each melody loop, drum loop, 808 loop, and more to see how every element works in perfect harmony to create the top tracks you love.