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Astro - Hip Hop Sample Pack

What exactly is “Astro”?

Travis Scott’s most recent album, Astroworld, has taken the music industry by storm.

In just a few weeks, it quickly became the number one album in the US and gained hundreds of millions of streams worldwide!

So, inspired by the amazing music by Travis Scott on Astroworld, our production team studied and dissected every single track to gain a better understanding of how this album was produced.

After this, they made tons of beats similar to the top songs on the album!

And the result is our new FREE pack, “Astro” -- 85 amazing samples & loops that were heavily inspired by these top songs by Travis Scott.

“Astro” is the perfect resource for learning exactly how Travis Scott songs are produced and processed.

You can listen to each individual element and study the melody loops and drum loops, or use the high quality drum one shots in your own beats as well!

Add this awesome collection of Travis Scott sounds to your library now while it’s still free!


Here is a taste of the high quality samples you will get

Cymatics - Astro Mode Full Drum Loop - 155 BPM
Cymatics - Astro Talk Full Drum Loop - 150 BPM
Cymatics - Astro Gazing Melody Loop - 150 BPM G# Min
Cymatics - Astro Roundabout Melody Loop - 140 BPM F Min
Cymatics - Astro Talk Melody Loop - 150 BPM B Min
Cymatics - Astro Bystander Snare - G#
Cymatics - Astro Sicko 808 - D
Cymatics - Astro FX 1 - Sicko Growl