Best Free Synth Samples & One Shots for 2022

Best Free Synth Samples & One Shots for 2022

Having a personal collection of synth samples and one shots is basically a treasure trove of musical possibilities for the creative music producer

The versatility of a single one shot synth sample is astounding if you know how they can be manipulated and transformed.

Using techniques like time stretching, pitch shifting, layering, chopping, resampling, reversing, and using a sampler to adjust adsr envelopes are just some of the ways you can mold a synth one shot into something fresh and new.

Synth loops can be great for manipulating too. Chopping up a synth loop and playing a new pattern is an easy way to make a synth loop your own.

Over the years, Cymatics has built up a large collection of vintage and hard-to-find synthesizers for use in our private studio, and we spent the time recording one shot samples and melodies from multiple patches on every synth we have.

With this list of free synth samples and one shots, you can begin to build your own sample library of classic synth sounds for sampling in your own music.

Fantasy Synth Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The holy grail of synth one shot kits. When recording this pack we wanted to make the ultimate free synth sample pack, by collecting as many vintage analog synths as we could find and letting our best sound designers work their magic with them.

Fantasy contains 75 free synth one shots and 10 melody loops (including stems), all recorded using sounds from these legendary synthesizers:

  • ARP2600
  • Moog Model D
  • Roland Juno 106, Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Juno-60
  • Memorymoog
  • Oberheim OB-8, OB-X
  • Prophet 5, Prophet 600, REV2
  • Korg M1, Prologue
Fantasy Synth Demo 1
Fantasy Synth Demo 2
Fantasy Stem Demo 1
Fantasy One Shot Demo 1

Orchid Premium Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Orchid is one of our biggest and most in depth free packs we’ve ever released, with over 3+GB of samples, it has everything needed for getting a song started.

For your synth needs Orchid includes two folders; a synth one shot folder and an FX folder that features long, ambient, droning pads that have an ethereal sound to them.

Orchid includes:

  • 11 Synth One Shot Samples
  • 4 Atmospheric Synth Pad Samples
Orchid Synth Demo 1
Orchid Synth Demo 2
Orchid Synth Demo 3
Orchid Synth Demo 4

Eternity Vintage Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

For Eternity we wanted to make a sample pack using only methods available in recording studios of the past. This meant collecting vintage analog recording gear like cassette decks & reel to reel recorders to record all the samples on to give them that warm analog sound so many plugins try to emulate.

While Eternity is an all-around sample pack, containing 8 folders of different types of samples (drum loops, synth samples, vocals, guitar, rhodes piano, and more), the tape loops folder contains a collection of analog synth pads run through a Tascam 424 MKII tape maschine, which gave them an incredible warm sound.

Eternity includes:

  • 11 Analog Pads Recorded on Cassette Tape
Eternity Tape Loop Demo 1
Eternity Tape Loop Demo 2
Eternity Tape Loop Demo 3
Eternity Tape Loop Demo 4

Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Synth one shots, melody loops, FX, synth breakdowns, transitions and more are what you will find in this free EDM sample pack. Along with the amazing drum samples that also come in this pack, Odyssey is probably one of the best all around EDM sample kits we’ve ever made!

Odyssey Includes:

  • 25 Synth One Shot Samples
Odyssey Full Drum Loop Demo 1
Odyssey Drop Loop Demo 1
Odyssey Breakdown Loop Demo 1
Odyssey Vocal Chop Demo 1


Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Oracle contains over 100 free synth loops along with stems AND midi, covering vibes like dark, nostalgic, happy, sad, lofi, R&B, etc. You can even create your own one shots from the loop stems if you don’t want to work with pre-made loops!

  • 103 melody loops (including stems)
  • 100 MIDI files
  • 34 808s
Oracle Melody Demo 1
Oracle Melody Demo 2
Oracle Melody Demo 3
Oracle Melody Demo 4

2020 Melody Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Along with the amazing synth loops there are 3-4 stems for each loop, making it easy for you to chop and customize the stems to your own taste!

  • 40 free melody loops
  • High quality stems of each loop
Melody Collection Demo 1
Melody Collection Demo 2
Melody Collection Demo 3
Melody Collection Demo 4
More synth one shots and samples [Paid]

Apex Vol. 5 - Vintage Synth One Shots

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Analog synthesizers can produce some of the most rich and unique sounds that Vst’s just can’t quite emulate.

Build your own melodies from the ground up or sprinkle in melodic textures, using these incredible retro synth one shots.

This collection was created using legendary synthesizers from the past 40 years.

Apex Vol 5 - Vintage Synth One Shots specs:

  • Total Files: 50
  • 100% royalty free
  • Total size: 36 MB
Apex synth demo 1
Apex synth demo 2
Apex synth demo 3
Apex synth demo 4

Pandora Synths & Instrument One Shots

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

PANDORA is a diverse collection of different live instrument and retro synth samples to explore!

You'll have a variety of different textures, soundscapes, keys, pads, plucks, bells, leads, etc from actual hardware synthesizers…

...As well as crisp recordings of several different live instruments like guitar, piano, world instruments, and much more!

Pandora Synths & Instruments specs:

  • 503 samples
  • 416 MB
  • .WAV (works in any music software)
  • 100% royalty free
Pandora synth demo 1
Pandora synth demo 2
Pandora synth demo 3
Pandora synth demo 4
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