Where To Find Free Phonk Drumkits and Samples in 2022

Where To Find Free Phonk Drumkits and Samples in 2022

The phonk sound was birthed in 90s Memphis by underground hip hop artists in DIY home studios. 

Using whatever cheap drum machine they could find, 4-track cassette recorders, and samplers that would give you limited sampling time, these artists were creating music way ahead of its time, and its influence is still strong in modern hip hop.

The lofi recording capabilities combined with the dark & eerie beats came to form the underground phonk sound. 

Below I'm going to list some phonk drum kits, sample packs, and plugins that will help you get that dark lofi phonk sound in your production.


Phonk Drumkits and Plugins

Origin Vintage Plugin

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The first step to emulating classic phonk beats is finding a way to make your samples sound like they are being played on the same hardware they were using in the 90's. 

That's where Origin comes in. Origin is a free vintage tape emulation/resampler plugin that gives your sounds an authentic lofi tape sound with a ton of great presets and parameters for fine tuning the sound. 

Using Origin in tandem with the phonk drumkits in this list is all you need to start making memphis style beats. 


Origin Melody Before
Origin Melody After
Origin Drums Before
Origin Drums After

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Kit takes samples from across some of Cymatics most popular trap packs, and packages them into one easy to use phonk drumkit. 

There are drum loops, melody loops, vocals, drum one shots, phonk 808s, and a ton of other great samples that will work great with phonk style beats

  • 173 Samples
Phonk Drum Loop - 134 BPM
Phonk Hihat Loop - 128 BPM
Blown Phonk 808 - c
Sicko Phonk 808 - C

Cobra Hip Hop And Phonk Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Early phonk producers used vinyl, cassette and even radios to find samples to use in their beats. 

Today it is difficult to do the same without running into issues with licensing. 

Thats where cobra comes in, with the royalty free melodies it provides, you can spend all day chopping away and making your own phonk style chops. 

There are also a ton of great drums and 808s. 

  • 19 Phonk 808s
  • 17 Phonk Drum Loops
  • 50+ Melody Loops
Cobra Phonk Loop - 110 BPM Dmin
Cobra Phonk Loop - 110 BPM Emin
Cobra Phonk FX
Cobra Phonk Drum Loop - 130 BPM

Oracle Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box
  • 103 Dark Trap & Phonk Melodies
  • 100 MIDI Files
  • 34 Phonk 808s
Dark Phonk Loop - 130 BPM Dmin
Oracle Phonk Loop - 100 BPM Dmin
Phonk 808 - C
Phonk 808 - F
More Phonk Samples

Ultimate Hip Hop Bundle

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Cymatics Ultimate Hip Hop Bundle gives you 12 of our best sample packs and drumkits for making phonk and dark trap beats - a $372 value, for only $50. 

Go to the link to see everything the packs in this bundle have to offer!


  • 12 Cymatics Trap and Phonk Sample Packs
More Sample Packs & Phonk Drumkits

If you liked the samples and drumkits you found here, you can find more free samples in our free download vault HERE.

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