Ultimate List of Free Vocal Samples

Ultimate List of Free Vocal Samples
Having a good sounding track is huge, but the single most important element (by far) that makes your music stand out immensely are great vocal samples.

It’s hard to find great royalty free vocal samples these days, so I’ve put together a list of what I think are one of the best free vocal samples you can possibly find on the internet.

Have a look and just grab what you need. Everything is organized neatly so it’s easy for you to download whatever samples you need for your next big hit!

Note: ALL Cymatics' samples & vocal samples are 100% Royalty Free.

Infinity Vocal Collection: Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Infinity is the most ambitious vocal project Cymatics has ever taken on. High quality vocals are one of the most difficult assets for producers to find. Finding someone who can sing well is one thing, but getting a quality recording on a high end mic with good mixing is something that not many producers have access to.

That was our main mission when creating this pack, to provide producers with truly high quality, royalty free acapellas and vocal samples to use for remixing any way you like. 

  • 2 Full Acapella Tracks with Stems
  • 61 Various Vocals
Make Me Crazy - 95 BPM D#min
I Got U Reverse Vocal - 85 BPM E Maj
Infinity Vocal Ambience - Flumesque - A
I Want U - Vocal Loop - 115 BPM Bmin

Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The second pack on this list is Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack, just because this pack contains TONS of our best vocal samples to date. Most of these free vocal samples come in a dry and wet version.

These vocal samples will definitely set yourself apart from other artists and producers and with these samples you can make any track memorable.

  • 2 acappellas
  • 48 ad libs
  • 26 chants
  • 12 pre-drop vocals
  • 44 sung phrases
  • 29 tonal one shots
  • 27 vocal chops
  • 12 vocal FX
  • 33 vocal phrases
Euphoria Vocal Chop Demo
Euphoria Processed Phrase Demo
Euphoria Vocal Phrase (Dry) Demo
Euphoria Pre-Drop Phrase Demo

Eternity Vintage Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Eternity Vintage Collection is actually a HUGE high quality collection of samples for a free pack. The vocal section in this pack is seriously what you can’t miss out on if you’re looking for amazing ad libs and phrases.

  • 48 free vocal samples
  • 30 guitar loops
  • 22 MIDI files
  • 19 melody loops + stems
  • 102 drum one shots
  • 62 drum loops
Eternity Wet Phrase Demo
Eternity Dry Phrase Demo
Eternity Wet Ad Lib Demo
Eternity Dry Ad Lib Demo

Odyssey EDM sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The free vocal samples you’ll find in this pack are outstanding. The vocal loops are perfect for most EDM style tracks and beats. Also check out the rest of the pack, which is just as fire as the vocal loops!

  • 7 free vocal loops
  • 45 MIDI files
  • 25 synth one shots
  • 55 drum loops
  • 19 synth loops
  • 84 drum one shots
  • 49 stems
Huge Vocal Loop Demo
Happy Vocal Chop Demo Loop
Euphoric Vocal Demo Loop
Vocal Chop Loop Demo

Orchid Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Orchid is a full production suite featuring a ton of amazing vocal samples./

The vocal loop folder has 12 layered vocal loops with stems, giving you access to over 30 vocal samples to choose from.

If you check out the vocal stems you can even find ambient background vocals as well that are perfect for layering. 

  • 12 Vocal Loops with Stems
Blue Eyes Vocal - 98 BPM Amin
Blurry Vocal - 80 BPM Fmin
Disneyland Vocal - 132 BPM Emin
Dont Worry Bout Me Vocal - 150 BPM E Maj
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Aura Trapsoul Vocal Chops

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Vocal chop loops are a staple of the trapsoul/RnB sound that has been made popular by artists like Bryson Tiller and Drake.

Aura was inspired by the beats from those artists and give you all kinds of great pitched, chopped, and reverby vocal loops.

  • 25 Chopped Vocal Loops
Lost Vocal Loop - 114 BPM Dmin
Omnia Vocal Loop - 160 BPM Cmin
Trauma Vocal Loop - 108 BPM Emin
Blessed Vocal Loop - 72 BPM Cmin

Mirage Vocal Loops

Cymatics Sample Pack Box
  • 40 Vocal Loops
  • 20 Vocal One Shots
Vocal Chop 29 - 140 BPM Fmin
Vocal Chop 33 - BPM Dmin
Vocal Chop 20 - 128 BPM Gmin
Vocal Chop 8 - 100 BPM Amaj
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If you're still looking for more royalty-free sample packs, check out our free download vault HERE.