Eternity - Lofi Sample Pack


Sample Pack Box


We wanted to learn the lost techniques that were being used on some of the best analog recordings from hip hop and electronic artists over the past few decades.

There is something about the beats from classic hip hop albums like Illmatic, The Infamous, and Enter the Wu-Tang sounds that is so raw, yet still soulful.

They just had a timeless vibe to them that modern hip hop has failed to capture again fully.

And we wanted to figure out why!

We discovered one of the biggest reasons is that they were using analog recording mediums like tape instead of all of the digital processing done today in computers and DAWs.

If you want to hear for yourself you can download Eternity for free now!

Classic Melody Loop 1
Drum Loop 5
Drum Loop 10
E Piano 6
Electric Guitar Wet 6
Harp Loop 4
Lofi Melody Loop 1
Phrase 4
Piano 6
Tape Loop Melody 1
Tape Loop Pad 8