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5 free sample packs where you can find professionally-recorded & mixed piano samples for royalty-free use.

To a music producer, your own personal sample library is the most prized possession. Older producers in the game have spent years, even decades, building their sample library to the point where it is almost like an extension of themselves, revealing your true musical tastes.  There are a lot of sample libraries out there these days, but it can be hard...

A good way for djs to add extra depth and personal touch to mixes is by using dj samples, drum loops, FX, acapellas, and other samples to create memorable transitions, drops, and remixes.  Adding a your own drum loop over a looping song intro, or mixing an acapella into a instrumental track are just a couple examples of how djs...

How you can get the Memphis underground phonk sound in your beats.

Free sample packs with ambient pads, synths, and ambient noise from nature.