Royalty Free Piano Samples and Loops for Producers

Royalty Free Piano Samples and Loops for Producers
No matter the genre, almost any producer who isn’t a pianist themselves would welcome a pack of nice piano samples to use in their mixes. Piano is an elegant and distinct instrument, and it can definitely add a timeless and refined tone to a track. Whether you’re going for a classic grand-piano voice, or something more modern like an electric piano which can span an even greater range of tone—it can never hurt to have some extra piano chord and melody loops in your arsenal as a music producer for some extra inspiration.

Free sample packs with original, high-quality sounds can be hard to find, which is why we’ve put together a list of free sample packs that contain original piano loops you won’t find anywhere else! Here are 5 free sample packs where you can find professionally-recorded & mixed piano samples for royalty-free use.

Orchid Premium Melody Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you're looking for piano loops mixed with some dreamy, distorted vocal samples, Orchid has a great selection of ready-to-go melody loops that will instantly take your beats up a notch. This is definitely a must-get pack if your sound is anything along the lines of pop, r&b, or melodic rap.

All I Ever Wanted - Piano Stems - 90 BPM Emin
Be Loyal - Piano Stems - 171 BPM Fmin
Blue Eyes - Piano Stems - 98 BPM Amin
Don't Worry Bout Me - Piano Stems - 150 BPM E Maj

Eternity Vintage Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Eternity Vintage Sample Pack is practically a cheat-code for piano samples. It has two separate folders for piano melodies: "e-pianos" and "Pianos" and every loop has a crazy amount of potential for any serious producer in the realms of boom-bap, lo-fi, or jazz-hop.

E-Piano 2 - 82 BPM Bmin
Piano Dry 1 - 77 BPM Fmin
Piano Dry 4 - 86 BPM B Maj
E-Piano 8 - 86 BPM D Maj

Rhodes Mark I Stage 73

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you're going for a more classic e-piano sound, look no further than this free rhodes pack. We restored a vintage Rhodes Mark I Stage piano and it ended up sounding beautiful. We recorded some melodies, chord progressions, and one shots and released them for free! You will not find this kind of quality of rhodes samples for free anywhere else so take advantage of this free pack. 

Rhodes Melody Loop 4 - 90 BPM Amin
Rhodes Melody Loop 1 - 85 BPM Cmin
Rhodes Melody Loop 2 - 85 BPM DMaj
Rhodes Melody Loop 3 - 85 BPM F Maj

Lofi Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Lofi Starter Pack is another free lofi pack that offers a lot of tonal and melodic variety by way of e-piano and distorted piano melodies mixed with other instrument voices to get any producer's creative juices flowing. Genre-wise, as the name implies, lofi might be a go to genre for a lot of producers with these kinds of sounds, but they could easily fit in r&b and soul production as well.

Misty Eyed - Piano Stems - 76 BPM Amin
Mountains - Piano Stems - 76 BPM E Maj
Winter Bliss - Piano Stems - 78 BPM Gmin
Lofi Melody Loop 1 - Keys - 75 BPM Gmin

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Cobra is a Hip Hop heavy sample pack. While not having many traditional sounding pianos, it has a ton of e-piano, synth and other chromatic percussion melodies for instant inspiration - absolutely free! Check "Melody Loops" in the "Melodics" folder. Most of these sounds are conductive to trap and melodic rap but some could also fit pop and r&b. 

More Free Piano & Keys Sample Packs

If you're looking for samples of other instruments like guitars, harps, flutes, drums, and more, be sure to check out our free download vault!


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