Where To Find Free Stems For Music Production

Where To Find Free Stems For Music Production

Cymatics has always put a major focus on providing music producers with all the audio stems for every melody loop we include in our sample packs. Having access to the track stems can be a major advantage for producers because it gives you more control over the sounds being used and opens more opportunities to alter and arrange them to your liking.

Now newer producers might be asking, what are music stems?

Stems are the groups of individual elements that make up a track. Commonly mistaken for multitracks, stems can be a single track or multiple tracks grouped together with processing/fx applied to them. 

For example, the vocals in a song would be one stem, this vocal stem could contain the main vocal, as well as ad-libs, and harmonizing tracks - all with their own fx applied exactly the same as it is in the full mix. 

Now that we’ve covered exactly what music stems are and how they can help your music production, we’ve put together a short list of our best sample packs that include all types of track stems.

Orchid - Premium Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

A personal favorite, with over 3GB of content, including melody loops, one shots, guitar loops, drum loops, and percussion loops. And the best part is every melody, drum loop, guitar, and vocal comes with full stems included.

Orchid actually ended up having so many different stem files we had to make two separate folders for them because the amount of files was so big!

And like everything Cymatics releases, everything in Orchid is 100% royalty free.

  • 15 Drum Loops with Stems
  • 6 Guitar loops with Stems
  • 20 Melody Loops with Stems
No Doubt - Piano Stem
All I Need - Vocal Stem
Blurry - Guitar Stem
Dancehall Drum Loop - Percussion Stem

Gems - Teaser Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Gems Series is an ongoing collection of melody loops in various styles that has become one of our best sources for audio stems. This teaser pack features handpicked melodies from across the entire Gems catalog, including drill, future r&b, trap, lofi, and more - giving you a little taste of what each of the 22 different volumes offer.

Every melody comes with full stems, giving you access to stems from all kinds of sources like vocals, bass, guitars, keys, synths and more. 

If you like this pack, consider checking out the 3 pack Gems bundle deal we have here.

  • 24 Melody Loops with Full Stems
Czar - Flute Stem
Czar - Guitar Stem
Memories - Piano Stem
Dead Presidents - Bass Stem

Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If your looking for audio stems with and EDM flair then Odyssey is the best option here.

Odyssey includes 22 drop loops and 19 melody loops, each having their own audio stem folder with 5-6 stems inside.

  • 22 Drop Loops with Stems
  • 19 Breakdown Loops with Stems
Breakdown Loop 15 - Synth Stem
Breakdown Loop 15 - Lead Stem
Breakdown Loop 16 - Pads Stem
Breakdown Loop 7 - Chords Stem

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack is a compilation style pack of some of our favorite samples, handpicked from different packs across our catalog (some being packs that aren't available any longer).

The melodies in this pack are all inspired by artists like Travis Scott, Lil Durk, Kodak Black, and more. And each melody includes full stems.

  • 173 Samples
  • Instrument Stems
Toronto - Bell Stems
Delirium - Chords Stems
Delirium - Bass Stems
Apollo - Synth Stems

Lofi Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Lofi Starter Pack is an all around lofi kit with melodies, drums, ambient fx, one shots, and more. Like our other melody packs this kit includes access to full stems from all the melodies. Giving you access to guitar stems, vocal stems, synth stems, etc.

  • 16 Melody Loops with Stems
Winter Bliss - Piano Stems
Misty Eyed - Synth Stems
Bordeaux - Pluck Stems
Dreamscape - Bass Stems
Paid Packs with Music Stems

GEMS Custom Bundle

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

One of our best offers for producers and DJs looking for more audio stems to use in their production is the GEMS custom bundle.

The GEMS free teaser earlier in this list is an example of the types of melodies that come from these collections - and the stems that come with each melody (some melodies have up to 7-8 different stem files!)

This bundle give you the ability to choose any 3 of our 21 different options when it comes to melody styles. So you can have audio stems for any genre you need.

Revolution - Choir Stems
Ember - Flute Stems
Conflict - Choir Stems
Apocalypse - Violin Stems
Other Sources For Audio Stems

If you liked the stems included with some of these packs, we have a lot more sample packs with the stems included.

You can find all of our other free sample packs in our free download vault HERE.

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