The Best Free Ableton Live Sample Packs for 2022

The Best Free Ableton Live Sample Packs for 2022

Ableton Live, one of the most popular and powerful programs you will find in the ongoing “DAW Wars” that producers have been waging since we started recording on computers.

But we’re not here to debate what DAW is the best, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the producer behind the DAW.

… And the samples they have at their disposal.

If you’re an ableton live user that is looking for the best free sample packs to use with ableton, this list should start you in the right direction.

Cymatics Free Sample Packs For Ableton Live

Mayhem Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Mayhem is a straight up hard trap style sample pack with melody loops in the style of trap producers like Southside and 808 mafia. 

  • 50 Trap Melody Loops with Stems
Heaters - 142 BPM F Min
Poppin It - 160 BPM C Min
Winners Circle - 130 BPM F Min
Extendo - 125 BPM C Min

Infinity Beta Pack 2.0

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Infinity is a vocal inspired sample pack that focuses on sounds inspired by dancehall and afrobeat genres. Artists like Drake and Rihanna have popularized the combination of African and Latin sounds with modern trap and rnb to create some of the biggest hits of the last decade.

  • Melody Loops with Stems
  • Guitar Loops
  • Drum Loops and One Shots
  • Bass One Shots
  • Percussion
  • Vocals
  • MIDI melody files
Maica - 90 BPM B Min
Emotions - 99 BPM A Min
Avarice - 96 BPM Emin
Frustrations - 102 BPM B Min

Orchid Premium Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Orchid Sample Pack is a free sample pack in the style of modern RnB, dancehall, and afrobeat sounds. This style has become huge world wide with artists like Drake, Rihanna, and Bad Bunny that create a fusion of rnb, latin sounds, and trap beats. 

  • 808s & Basses
  • Drum Loops
  • Drum One Shots
  • Fx
  • Guitar Loops
  • Hi Hat Loops
  • Melody Loops
  • Instrument/Synth One Shots
  • Percussion Loops
  • Vocal Loops
Espresso - 157 BPM E Min
Champagne - 170 BPM B Min
Be Loyal - 171 BPM F Min
All I Ever Wanted - 90 BPM E Min

Waves MIDI Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Having access to a lot of MIDI chord progressions can be a major advantage for producers, especially if you aren't the best with music theory and playing piano yourself. The MIDI files in Waves are all captured from live play from a concert pianist, so everything has a real human feel to it.

  • 30 MIDI Files

Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

For Odyssey we rebuilt our production team and we’ve really focused on EDM, to put together the ultimate sample pack for every DJ whether you’re an expert or a beginner.

Each sound inside was carefully designed by experts to give you full control when choosing the vibe and direction of your next track.

Take your music from the studio to the big stages with the biggest and most unique EDM pack we’ve ever released!

  • 45 MIDI Files
  • 55 Drum Loops
  • 84 Drum One Shots
  • 47 FX Samples
  • 25 Synth One Shots
  • 49 Original Stems
Odyssey Future Bass Drop Loop 7 - 150 BPM F Min
Odyessy Dubstep Top Drum Loop 2 - 150 BPM
Odyssey Future Bass Drop Loop 4 - 150 BPM D Maj
Odyssey Breakdown Loop 2 - 100 BPM G Maj

2022 Melody Collection Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

What is cool about this sample pack for ableton live is that along with the amazing melody loops there are 3~4 stems for each loop, making it easy for you to work with each stem individually in different tracks in ableton and really customize the samples and make them your own.

  • 22 Melody Loops + Stems/MIDI

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack is an all encompassing hip hop style sample pack, including some more modern drums and samples, it also contains more classic style drum loops reminiscent of the boom bap drum sound.

  • 10 808s
  • 11 Drum Loops
  • 55 Drum One Shots
  • 12 FX Sounds
  • 7 Vocal Loops

Eternity Vintage Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Eternity is a classic hip hop sample pack that was inspired by the recording techniques and production on classic albums like the infamous, illmatic, enter the wu tang, and others.

  • 62 Drum Loops
  • 103 Drum One Shots
  • 48 Vocal Samples
  • 22 Tape Loops
  • 19 Melody Loops + Stems
Looking For More Sample Packs or Presets?

This list should be a good start to build your Ableton Live sample library, but if you're like me you can never have enough samples to use in your productions. 

You can find more royalty free samples at our free download vault here: