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What exactly is the "Lofi Toolkit"? 

Lofi music has made quite a big name for itself over the last few years.

Whether it's HUGE YouTube channels like Chilled Cow, Chillhop Music, and more...

Or even popular Spotify playlists like Lofi Beats -- chances are you've heard some great Lofi music recently.

Inspired by the rise of Lofi music, our production team carefully studied the top artists in this space to put together an all-encompassing essential toolkit that gives you everything you need to make incredible Lofi tracks.

In this toolkit, you'll find plenty of drum loops and drum one shots to build a solid foundation for your Lofi beat or instrumental.

Not to mention, the melody loops are specifically designed to fit perfectly in a Lofi setting and are an amazing source for inspiration.

And MIDI files for the melody loops are also included so you can use your favourite sounds or rearrange notes and  chords as well. 

Don't miss your chance to get this essential Lofi Toolkit for free now!

Lofi Melody Loop 2 - 75 BPM G Maj
Lofi Top Loop 6 - 80 BPM
Lofi Melody Loop 4 - 80 BPM E Min
Lofi Melody Loop 24 - 130 BPM G Maj
Lofi Percussion 1
Lofi HiHat Loop 9 - 80 BPM
Lofi Full Drum Loop 9 - 85 BPM
Lofi Kick 4 - D