Free 808 Mafia Style Sample Packs | Cymatics Trap Kits

Free 808 Mafia Style Sample Packs | Cymatics Trap Kits

808 Mafia, led by platinum award winning producer Southside, has made it's name as one of the top hip hop production teams over the years. The signature sound of 808 Mafia is built on dark & eerie, usually minimalistic, melody loops on top of hard trap drums and bouncy hi hats.

Cymatics production team has spent long hours listening to and studying Southside, TM88, and the rest of 808 Mafias production techniques to create better melody loops for our packs that will sound placement ready for a rapper or vocalist to hop on.

Cymatics 808 Mafia Style Sample Packs

Mayhem Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Mayhem Beta Pack is probably one of the most 808 mafia-esqe packs on this list, with 50 trap melody loops, all designed with the modern sound of hip hop in 2022 in mind. 

Every melody loop also comes with full stems and MIDI so you can isolate and extract individual parts if you want to like a single piano or guitar line. 

  • 50 Melody Loops with Full Stems & MIDI
Black Tesla - 127 BPM F Min
Penthouse - 110 BPM Amin
Poppin It - 160 BPM Cmin
Winners Circle - 130 BPM Fmin

2022 Melody Collection Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The 2022 Melody Collection is another great options if you're looking for melody loops in the 808 Mafia style. 

22 Melody Loops + Stems/MIDI

Empty The Clip - 140 BPM D Min
On The Run - 144 BPM F Min
Smoke - 133 BPM A Min
Time Travel - 158 BPM F Min

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you're looking for some drums that would pair well with the melody loops included in the last couple packs, Cobra has both drum one shots, 808s, and full drum loops, hi hat loops, and everything else you need to make a 808 Mafia type beat.

  • Melody Loops
  • Drum Loops
  • One Shots
  • 808s
  • FX
Cobra 808 7 - D
Cobra 808 12 - E
Cobra Melody Loop 3 - 110 BPM D Min
Cobra Reverse FX 1

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack comes with melodies, drums, 808s, and live recordings from sessions with professional guitarists, vocalists, pianists, and other studio musicians. 

Apollo - 105 BPM F Min
Banter Drum Loop - 140 BPM
Drill 808 - C
Exhaust 808 - C

Sizzle Hi Hat & MIDI Loops

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Quickly pulling in a hi hat loop into your DAW can be a great way to start a beat because they instantly give you a rhythm and bounce to build melodies and other drums around, even if you dont end up using that hi hat loop in the final product. 

  • 75 Hi Hat Loops & MIDI Files
Sizzle Hi Hat Loop 1 - 97 BPM
Sizzle Hi Hat Roll 3 - 125 BPM
Sizzle Hi Hat Loop 15 - 154 BPM
Sizzle Hi Hat Roll 10 - 145 BPM
Looking For More Free Sample Packs?

Hopefully this list was helpful in helping you find some samples to make 808 mafia type beats with, if you're looking for more free samples and loops in other styles, be sure to check out our free download vault! We have a ton of other great sample packs that are free to download.