Sampling With Maschine: 5 Free Sample Packs To Use With NI Maschine

Sampling With Maschine: 5 Free Sample Packs To Use With NI Maschine

NI Maschine is a great option for producers that want to incorporate hardware in their sampling process. Making beats with Mashine is very intuitive because of how seamless the Maschine studio software and hardware work together to give you a creative experience.

Native Instruments has a ton of their own expansion packs for Maschine with great sounds, but unfortunately not all of them are free, or maybe you just want to browse some more options for sample packs to use with your Maschine.

We’ve put together a list of 5 of the best free sample packs to use with Maschine that you can’t find anywhere else.

Free Sample Packs For NI Maschine

Infinity Vocal Samples: Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Maschine is known for its powerful sample manipulation capabilities, and vocals are one of the best sources for pulling in to your sampler and experimenting to get new sounds. Infinity is our biggest collection of vocal samples we've ever done. It comes with 2 full acapellas, vocal loops, distorted vocal chops, vocal one shots and more. With Maschine you can use these samples to do all kinds of creative stuff. 

As with all Cymatics packs, everything in Infinity is 100% royalty free.

Acapella - Make Me Crazy - 95 BPM Dmin
Reverse Vocal - I Got U - 85 BPM E Maj
Vocal Ambience - Flumesque - A
Vocal Loop - I Want U - 115 BPM B Min

Orchid Premium Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Orchid is one of my personal favorite sample packs that Cymatics has ever released. With over 3 GB of samples that work in almost every genre (rnb, dancehall, hip hop, trap) this is one o those sample packs that you find yourself going back to for almost every track you make. 

The drum one shot folder alone has over 50 samples, and every melody comes with full stems and MIDI so you can really customize the samples and make them your own. If you were stranded on an island and had to pick one sample pack to use with your Maschine, this would be my pick.

Atmosphere - 94 BPM Cmin
Pad - C
Melody Loop - 170 BPM Bmin
Drum Loop 1 - 100 BPM

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you need a pack to help make more modern trap beats on Maschine then the Trap Started Kit is your best bet. To make this pack we hand selected our favorite samples from some of our biggest sound kits (some that aren't even available anymore).

Consider this the only trap expansion for Maschine you'll need for a while. 

Jackpot Drum Loop - 155 BPM
Banter Drum Loop - 140 BPM
Apex 808 - C
Tiny Rimshot

Lofi Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Maschine lends itself well to lofi and boom bap styles of hip hop because of its similar set up to the MPC. This pack is perfect for Maschine users looking to make some more chill beats,

E Piano - 82 BPM Bmin
Bordeaux - 80 BPM - Cmin
Drum Loop 3 - 90 BPM
Hihat Loop 1 - 78 BPM

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

A straight hip hop expansion for your Maschine. We worked with professional instrumentalists to get high quality recordings of flutes, guitars, harps, piano, and more for you to sample directly on Maschine. Not to mention the huge collection of drum one shots and loops to go with it. 

Melody Loop 4 - 110 BPM Emin
Melody Loop 3 - 110 BPM Dmin
Flute Loop 1 - Dmin
Guitar Loop 2 - 140 BPM Cmin
Looking for more sample packs to use with Maschine?

This list of sample packs to use with Maschine should be enough to keep you busy for a while.

But if you're looking for more, you can find even more free samples in our free download vault:


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