Ultimate MIDI Files Collection Of 2020! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Ultimate MIDI Files Collection Of 2020! (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Every producer knows that creating memorable melody loops can be difficult. Especially creating trap melody loops where the melody can set the stage for the entire song.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new producer who needs help creating a starting point to launch your creative process or an experienced producer who wants to chop up some quality melody loops without worrying about the copyright issues that can come with sampling music.

All producers could use a stockpile of melody loops to pick from for a wide variety of uses.

So we’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite collections of free trap melody loops that every producer should have on their hard drive.

Free MIDI Files

Python MIDI Collection

Cymatics hired a Grammy nominated pianist to come in the studio and record hours of hip hop melody loops for this one. Making this a very special MIDI loop pack.

We had him jam out for hours to different tempos and styles of beats and captured all of the MIDI to give you a wide variety of midi files and midi chords to play with.

51 free MIDI loops are included in the Python MIDI Collection.

Python MIDI Demo 1
Python MIDI Demo 2
Python MIDI Demo 3

Oracle MIDI Collection

Another 10/10 collection of trap melody loops that can easily fit into any style of hip hop. Like Oracle this collection includes stems for the melody loops so you can customize the way they play.

There isn’t a single melody loop in this pack that misses the qualities for a placement ready beat.

100 free MIDI loops are included in this free collection!

Oracle MIDI Demo 1
Oracle MIDI Demo 2
Oracle MIDI Demo 3

Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

You can stop searching and start creating with the 45 midi files included in this sample library of over 300 royalty free sounds.

That’s more than what most other packs that charge $40+ give you. Even if you don’t produce EDM, the midi files and midi chords are still a valuable resource for generating chord progressions and unique melodies in any genre.

The Odyssey EDM pack incudes 45 free midi files.

Odyssey MIDI Demo 1
Odyssey MIDI Demo 2
Odyssey MIDI Demo 3

Cobra Hip Hop Sample Pack

Cobra is an all encompassing hip hop sample pack that was created to include every element you need to make placement ready trap beats.

Not only does this pack include MIDI melody loops, but it also has midi chords and even MIDI trap hi hat loops.

24 Midi Loops

14 hi hat midi patterns

50+ trap drum loops

100+ drum one shots

29 Melody Loops

24 guitar and flute melodic loops

Cobra MIDI Demo 1
Cobra MIDI Demo 2
Cobra MIDI Demo 3

Eternity Vintage Collection

One of Cymatics largest free sample packs, containing over 400 samples dripping in lofi and vintage analog vibes.

Inspired by the techniques from classic hip hop albums like Illmatic, The Infamous, and Enter the Wu-Tang. 

22 MIDI files

9 hihat MIDI files

62 drum loops

102 drum one shots

30 guitar loops

Eternity MIDI Demo 1
Eternity MIDI Demo 2
Eternity MIDI Demo 3

Premium MIDI Kits

If the free packs above have left you wanting something a little more, these paid packs are some of the best value you can find.

The MIDI files in these collections have all been created by our production team of experienced and grammy nominated songwriters and producers. So we can guarantee you will be happy when you throw your favorite synth preset on them.

Deluxe MIDI Collection

If you want nothing but MIDI for days. This is the pack for you.

While most of the other packs listed here have other goodies along with the midi files, the Deluxe MIDI collection was made to be a huge library of nothing but MIDI.

All the files are put in folders by mood like happy, sad, dark, nostalgic, and triumphant so that you can easily find what you need to fit the mood you’re in without having to scroll through MIDI files for hours.

This premium MIDI Collection includes 292 MIDI Files & 40 Hi Hat MIDI Files!

Deluxe MIDI Demo 1
Deluxe MIDI Demo 2
Deluxe MIDI Demo 3

Deluxe Lofi Collection

If you need some help creating dreamy and nostalgic vibes look no further. Lofi is one of the hottest genres at the moment and this pack has everything you need to start making chill hip hop beats.

The Lofi Deluxe Collection includes 91 MIDI Files.

Deluxe Lofi MIDI Demo 1
Deluxe Lofi MIDI Demo 2
Deluxe Lofi MIDI Demo 3

Topaz Midi Collection

Another very affordable kit at only $7, this midi collection will help you start creating memorable melodies and chord progressions in no time.

This midi kit includes 80 MIDI Files.

Topaz MIDI Demo 1
Topaz MIDI Demo 2
Topaz MIDI Demo 3

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