The Best Free Sample Packs For Producers in FL Studio

The Best Free Sample Packs For Producers in FL Studio

So maybe you just downloaded a fresh copy of FL Studio and are getting ready to begin your production journey, or maybe you're a seasoned FL Studio vet just looking for some new samples to work with.

Regardless of where you are in your production journey, one of the most important things a producer can have is an extensive selection on samples to choose from.

There are a lot of free sample packs out there - some are great, and others are... we'll just say not so great. It has become common for sample packs these days to contain recycled samples that have had effects applied to them so many times they are mangled to the point they are unusable. 

To avoid having to sift through the thousands of sample packs out there, we put together a list of some of Cymatics best free and premium sample packs for use in FL Studio (or any other DAW).

Cymatics Free Sample Packs for FL Studio

Mayhem Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Mayhem Beta pack is a return to straight up hard trap melodies - and one of Cymatics biggest free melody packs, coming in at 50 melody loops, all including full stems and MIDI.


  • 50 Melody Loops
  • Stems and MIDI for all melody loops. 
Black Tesla - 127 BPM Fmin
Penthouse - 110 BPM Amin
Poppin It - 160 BPM Cmin
Winners Circle - 130 BPM Fmin

Infinity Beta Pack 2.0

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Infinity is a vocal inspired sample pack that focuses on sounds inspired by dancehall and afrobeat genres. Artists like Drake and Rihanna have popularized the combination of those latin sounds with modern trap and rnb to create some of the biggest hits of the last decade.

  • 96 Percussion recorded in a symphony concert hall. 
  • 11 Drum Loops
  • 8 Guitar Loops
  • 19 Melody Loops with Stems and MIDI
  • 29 Vocal Loops
  • 10 MIDI Files
Maica - 90 BPM Bmin
Frustrations - 102 BPM Bmin
Emotions - 99 BPM Amin
Avarice - 96 BPM Emin

Orchid Premium Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Orchid Sample Pack is a free sample pack in the style of modern RnB, dancehall, and afrobeat sounds. This style has become huge world wide with artists like Drake, Rihanna, and Bad Bunny that create a fusion of rnb, latin sounds, and trap beats. 

  • 15 808s & Basses
  • 15 Drum Loops
  • 55 Drum One Shots
  • 17 Fx
  • 6 Guitar Loops
  • 8 Hi Hat Loops
  • 20 Melody Loops
  • 13 Instrument/Synth One Shots
  • 14 Percussion Loops
  • 12 Vocal Loops
Espresso - 157 BPM Emin
Champagne - 170 BPM Bmin
Be Loyal - 171 BPM Fmin
All I Ever Wanted - 90 BPM Emin

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack is an all around trap and hip hop sample pack, with samples hand picked from different sample packs across the Cymatics Library (some even from our premium packs). This pack with provide you with drum one shots, melodies, 808s, and more.

Betrayed - 144 BPM A Min
Benz - 140 BPM C Min
Apollo - 105 BPM F Minor
Animal - 136 BPM C Min

Lofi Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Lofi starter pack is like the Trap Starter pack above, but catering to the lofi crowd. Tons of drums processed with vintage analog equipment, recorded to tape and saturated in analog warmth. Lofi melody loops similar to the same you'd hear on pages like lofi girl and chilled cow. 

Bordeaux - 80 BPM Cmin
Dreamscape - 80 BPM Dmin
Eternity E Piano 2 - 82 BPM Bmin
Lofi Expansion Melody 2 - 75 BPM Dmin

Odyssey EDM Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

Odyssey is one of Cymatics biggest free EDM sample packs, and also a perfect example of how royalty free samples works at Cymatics. 

One of the loops from Odyssey was used in a beat that got a placement with Trippie Red, and we collect ZERO royalties from the song.

Most other sample pack sites don't do this, many melody loops from other companies come with clauses that if the beat ends up a major placement, they get to collect 50% of the royalties. We don't believe in that here at Cymatics, and every melody is 100% royalty free.

  • 85 Drum One Shots
  • 19 Synth Loops
  • 25 Synth One Shots 
  • 7 Vocals
  • 27 FX
  • 13 Full Drum Loops
  • 10 Hi Hat Loops
  • 13 Top Drum Loops
  • 10 Drum Fills
  • 9 Buildup Drums
  • 45 MIDI
Odyssey Future Bass Drop Loop 7 - 150 BPM Fmin
Odyssey Breakdown Loop 16 - 150 BPM E Maj
Odyssey Synth One Shot 20 - G
Odyssey Drum Fill 6 - 128 BPM
Looking For More Free Samples To Use With FL Studio?

Hopefully this list has been helpful in providing you with some new trap samples to use in FL Studio. If you're like me and can never have enough samples to choose from, you can find more free samples in our free download vault.