5 Free Sample Packs For The Koala Sampler App

5 Free Sample Packs For The Koala Sampler App

 Koala sampler is a great option for producers of any level to make beats while on the fly, or even as your main DAW you use all the time.

It's easy UI, which is set up similar to MPC style beat pads, along with its surprisingly powerful resampling capabilities and effects make it a great tool for making beats that honestly would surprise someone if you told them you made it on a phone.

Another great feature of Koala Sampler is that you can use files you have downloaded on your phone as samples. So you can download all the free packs on this list and import them directly into Koala.

7 Free Sample Packs For Koala Sampler App

Mayhem Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Mayhem Beta Pack offers almost 3GB of trap melody loops, including the stems for each loop. These melodies stems are great for chopping up and resampling with Koala. Resampling sounds in Koala and using different effects, pitch shifting, and chopping are all great ways to turn a something from a melody sample into your own unique sounds that you can use as the foundation for a new melody.

  • 50 Melody Loops with Stems
On The Run - 144 BPM F Min
Atlanta - 132 BPM B Min
Cyberpunk - 160 BPM C Min
Authority - 140 BPM C Min

Orchid Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you're looking for some good drum samples to start playing with and building rhythms, the Orchid sample pack is one of my top recommendations. The drum one shots in this pack are all amazing for pretty much any genre, just good drum sounds that you will be going back to for a long time. 

  • 15 808s and basses
  • 15 Drum Loops
  • 55 Drum One Shots
  • 17 FX
  • 6 Guitar Loops
  • 8 Hi Hat Loops
  • 20 Melody Loops
  • 13 Instrument/Synth One Shots
  • 14 Percussion Loops
  • 12 Vocal Loops
Orchid Atmosphere - 100 BPM D
Dancehall Drum Loop 2 - 104 BPM
Orchid 808 Short - C
Orchid Pad - C

Infinity Beta Pack 2.0

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Infinity Collection is known for its use of heavy vocal samples and acapellas. But that is not all this pack has to offer - you will also find drum one shots, melody loops, FX and other great samples for manipulating with Koalas sampler.

Vocal Ambience - Ghosts - G
Vocal Ambience - Flumesque - A
Vocal One Shot 7 - F
Distorted Vocal 6 - F

Eternity Vintage Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

For the Eternity vintage sample pack we wanted to make one of the best sample packs available for making lofi beats, and we wanted to capture that sound in an authentic way. To make that happen, we gathered a bunch of vintage cassette recorders, reel to reels and any other vintage gear we could get our hands on. 

Eternity Harp Loop Wet 2 - 80 BPM D Maj
Eternity Acoustic Guitar Loop Wet 2 - 75 BPM B Maj
Eternity E Piano 2 - 82 BPM B Min
Eternity E Piano 8 - 86 BPM D Maj

Trap Starter Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Trap Starter Pack comes with a little bit of everything you need to make a placement ready trap beat. It comes with melodies, drum loops, one shots, fx and more. 

Betrayed - 144 BPM A Min
Benz - 140 BPM C Min
Apollo - 105 BPM F Min
Animal - 136 BPM C Min
Looking for more free drum kits and sample packs?

Hopefully this list has been useful in helping you find some samples to work with and get started making beats in koala sampler app. If you're still looking for more free samples to use in your projects you can find a ton of more great free sample packs in our free download vault.