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Wasteland: FX Collection

Unique FX Samples Inspired by an Apocalyptic-like Soundscape

This collection focuses entirely on unique FX samples, inspired by the ominous aesthetic of an apocalyptic-like soundscape.

We did a deep dive into the types of FX sounds that you would typically associate with dark, end of the world-esque scenery.

You can drag these into any project you’re working on to add that extra bit of flair to spice your tracks up.

FX Ambience - Embers (B Min)
FX Impact - Slam
FX Tonal Impact - Mutant (C)
FX Various - Dark Air Raid 1 (F)

Exclusive Production Workshop Included For Free:

APOCALYPSE: Start to Finish Production Course

Learn how our top producer creates heavy Dark Trap using APOCALYPSE

We put together this production course to show you his entire process for making bangers using the sounds inside of APOCALYPSE.
One of our top producers Nick will be showing you everything from Sound Selection, Drum Programming, to Mixing, and finalizing your ideas for multiple sections of the pack.
You’ll get an inside look at how we produce music, with secret tips and tricks taught from one of our best instructors.
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