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The Ultimate MIDI Collection:
Get 10 MIDI Packs for just $304 $47

*This is a limited time offer!

The Ultimate MIDI Collection Includes:

*If you already have a product from a bundle, you may be eligible to substitute it with another product from our store. Email after your purchase to find out.

Value: $47

Emerald - Hip Hop MIDI Pack

Songwriting can be very difficult for many producers -- especially when it comes to finding that perfect melody to elevate your Hip Hop beat.

This collection of MIDI files has plenty of Chord and Arp files that were carefully made to give your music an authentic, professional feel.

You’ll also find several Hi Hat MIDI files in this pack too, so you can quickly create complex Hi Hat patterns that many top Hip Hop producers have already mastered.

Emerald Hihat MIDI 8
Emerald Melody MIDI 23 - D# Min
Emerald Melody MIDI 67 - A Min
Emerald Melody MIDI 80 - B Min
Value: $35

Phantom - MIDI Pack

We’ve covered a wide variety of styles and genres in this one with 150 high quality MIDI files -- you’ll find everything from happy chord progressions to dark melodies and more.

You can use each MIDI file as they are, rearrange the chords and notes to your liking, or even study them to learn how effective melodies and progressions are written.

Make the entire production process smoother, more efficient, and more fun with these great MIDI files!

Phantom MIDI Loop 17
Phantom MIDI Loop 75
Phantom MIDI Loop 113
Phantom MIDI Loop 129
Value: $175

Galaxy MIDI Collection

We brought in extremely talented songwriters and musicians to help us put together the ultimate MIDI collection.

This is a perfect extension of the OMEGA experience, giving you everything you need to refine your songwriting skills and write great music.

You’ll find over 300 incredible MIDI files that you can learn from, or tweak and rearrange to create your own memorable melodies and progressions.

Galaxy Chord MIDI 26
Galaxy Arp MIDI 27
Galaxy Arp MIDI 31
Galaxy Chord MIDI 105
Value: $47

Essential MIDI Collection Vol 1-7

Finding inspiration can be tough for any producer -- especially when it comes to creating memorable melodies and enchanting chords.

So we got world class producer and songwriter involved to create this bundle -- which comes with 350 MIDI files from a wide variety of genres, all designed to take your songwriting to another level.

This collection is the perfect resource to help you make incredible melodies and chord progressions faster than ever before.

Vol 1 – MIDI 13 – D Min
Vol 2 – MIDI 13 – D Min
Vol 3 – MIDI 27 – F# Min
Vol 4 – MIDI 1 – C Min