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What is included with Toy Shop
Foley Sample Pack?

For Toy Shop Vol 1, we wanted to make something completely weird and unique that would add an interesting flair to your productions.

So our production team went to a thrift store to find as many old toys as they could!

They ended up with tons of stuff including Transformers, Fisher Price cars, baseball bats, Leap Frog toy drums, a Baby Einstein piano, and SO MUCH more.

Each one of the sounds from these toys was carefully captured with professional foley recording equipment, and the result is a truly unique collection of samples that is nothing like anything we've done before.

You'll find 300+ toy foley samples in this pack that are perfect for adding a unique, creative flair to your music.

This is a perfect tool to add to your collection if you've been looking for something new and different to inspire you.

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