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The Ultimate Lofi Collection:
Get 5 Premium Packs for $305 $47!

The Ultimate Lofi Collection Includes:

Value: $47

Lofi Drums Collection

Drums are a crucial part of any Lofi Hip Hop beat or instrumental.

In the Lofi Drum Collection, our production team carefully processed and programed tons of drum loops and drum one-shots that perfectly capture the heart of this genre.

They have an authentic, downgraded sound commonly found in old vinyls.

Lofi Clap 3
Lofi Drum Loop 7
Lofi Snare 4
Lofi Top Loop 8
Value: $47

Lofi Foley Percussion

Foley percussion samples are a surefire way to spice up your productions -- in any genre.

The Lofi Foley Percussion pack is filled with unique hits, slaps, slams, and more that will take your drum game to the next level.

Each sound was carefully designed to seamlessly fit into your Lofi beats and instrumentals.

Lofi Foley Percussion 6
Lofi Foley Percussion 56
Lofi Foley Percussion 94
Lofi Foley Percussion 181
Value: $97

Lofi Melodies And Vocals

While drums are the backbone of any Lofi beat, the melodic elements are the soul.

This pack is bursting at the seams with incredibly smooth and authentic synth one shots, electric bass sounds, guitar loops, melody loops, vocal loops, and much more.

This pack has nearly everything you need to craft smooth melodies and rich, atmospheric settings for all your Lofi music.

Lofi Melody Loop 17
Lofi Melody Loop 23
Lofi Topline Melody 9
Lofi Vocal Loop 7
Value: $47

Lofi MIDI Collection

Writing your own unique chord progressions and melodies is easier than ever with our Lofi Midi Collection.

You’ll gain access to tons of jazzy progressions and smooth toplines that can be tweaked and chopped to your liking, or simply played through using your favourite sounds.

Instantly create relaxing Lofi progressions and melodies with this extensive MIDI collection.

Lofi MIDI 1
Lofi MIDI 29
Lofi MIDI 43
Lofi MIDI 68
Value: $67

Lofi Synth Presets

Having rich and authentic sounds is absolutely crucial when it comes to making Lofi music.

Here you’ll find premium patches for Serum, Massive, and even Sylenth -- so you have every sound you need, regardless of synth.

Each patch has specific processing chains that are designed to give them a downgraded, vinyl sound.

INSTRUMENT - Woodberry Finger
KEYS - Luxury
PLUCK - Friendly
PLUCK - Tamagotchi Murderer