Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets!

Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets
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What Exactly is "Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets"

The Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has taken the world by storm.

Set in the 1980’s, the critically-acclaimed show boasts clever plotlines, loveable characters, and so much more.

Tying everything together and contributing to the vintage, nostalgic aura of the show is an extremely important element…

The music.

The vintage analog synth sounds and melodic runs create an impactful, nostalgic vibe that adds to the spirit of the show.

Inspired by the music and sounds of Stranger Things, we are proud to introduce Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets – a premium collection of vintage samples, MIDI, and presets for Xfer Serum that will instantly add a classic 80’s feel to your tracks.

Our production team studied the score and soundtrack of Stranger Things, meticulously analyzing all the sounds, melodies, and drums.

Each drum loop in this pack showcases classic 707-style hits that have been carefully processed and arranged.

The synth loops are highly versatile, offering everything from beautiful, nostalgic melodies to intense, suspenseful runs – all communicated through rich analog synth sounds with MIDI included.

To take this pack a step further, we’re even including 30 high-quality presets for Xfer Serum that emulate vintage, analog synths so you can create your own classic vibes.

Take advantage of this opportunity to add a premium arsenal of vintage samples, MIDI, and presets to your collection!

Download Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets now – the first 500 people will get a special bonus pack… so act fast!

Included in this pack: Specs:
15 Full Drum Loops Format: .WAV / .FXP / .MID
15 Top Drum Loops File Size (Zipped): 431 MB
20 FX File Count: 85 Samples + 30 Presets + 30 MIDI
35 Synth Loops  
35 MIDI Files  
30 Serum Presets

Listen to Strangers Vintage Samples & Presets in action:

Strangers Full Drum Loop 1 – 100 BPM
Strangers Full Drum Loop 13 – 140 BPM
Strangers Synth Loop 5 – 100 BPM
Strangers Synth Loop 8 – 110 BPM
Strangers Synth Loop 10 – 110 BPM
Strangers Synth Loop 11 – 110 BPM
Strangers Synth Loop 19 – 128 BPM
Strangers Tonal FX 3