Solace Vocal Loops & One Shots

Solace Vocal Loops & One Shots
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One thing that separates the big producers from the bedroom producers is whether or not a track is memorable.

Look at any track on Soundcloud or Spotify with 1 million+ plays, and you’ll find that they all have a killer hook or vocal loop that gets stuck in your head.

So, to help you achieve the same level of catchiness in your next track, we created Solace Vocal Loops and One Shots.

We were inspired by legendary artists like Flume, DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, and Skrillex to make a vocal pack unlike any other.

Each vocal sample was precisely processed by resampling a set of high quality original female and male acapellas. Our production team then pitched, chopped, and warped these samples into a crazy bank of melodic vocal loops and one shots.

You can immediately start using these meticulously crafted loops and one shots to create extremely catchy and beautiful melodies.

Solace Vocals also provides you with instant inspiration in the studio when you feel like your track is missing that one thing.

If you’re an artist that wants to add that extra element and make your track memorable, then you’ll find yourself using Solace Vocal Loops and One Shots in almost every track you work on.

Included in this pack:

  • 25 Vocal Loops
  • 25 Vocal Arps
  • 25 Vocoder Loops
  • 25 Vocal One Shots


  • Format: .WAV
  • File Size (Zipped): 135.1 MB
  • File Count: 100 Samples & Loops

Listen to "Solace Vocal Loops & One Shots" In Action:

Solace Vocal Arp 17 150 BPM A Min
Solace Vocal Arp 19 160 BPM E Min
Solace Vocal Loop 15 150 BPM E Min
Solace Vocal Loop 7 128 BPM B Min
Solace Vocal Loop 9 140 BPM G Min
Solace Vocoder Loop 6 110 BPM A Min
Solace Vocoder Loop 7 128 BPM D# Min
Solace Vocoder Loop 8 128 BPM E Min