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The Ultimate Hip Hop Collection Includes:

Value: $114

Diamonds - Hip Hop Sample Pack

Inspired by top tier artists like Drake, Migos, and Travis Scott our production team set out to create 300 high quality Hip Hop samples that EVERY producer needs to get their hands on.

They constructed unique melody loops, fully fledged drum loops, powerful 808 samples, and everything in between so you can make better beats more quickly.

And even if you don’t produce Hip Hop, these sounds are amazing for many RnB, Pop, & EDM songs as well -- to name a few.

Synth Melody Loop 6 - 128 BPM D Min
Synth Melody Loop 11 - 140 BPM C Min
Synth Melody Loop 15 - 150 BPM C# Min
Synth Melody Loop 17 - 150 BPM C# Min
Value: $200

Diamonds II - Hip Hop Sample Pack

Our production team took what we learned from the first Diamonds sample pack, and put in countless hours of studio time to develop a new and improved sequel that is even more high quality and diverse than its predecessor.

The result is a premium collection of over 400 Hip Hop samples & loops inspired by Hip Hop heavyweights like Travis Scott, Juice WRLD, Drake, Rich The Kid, and more…

We even hired some new extremely talented producers to help out as well to make sure every sample and loop turned out perfect.

Diamonds 808 17 - E
Diamonds Full Drum Loop 31 - 144 BPM
Diamonds FX 2 - Zip Delay
Diamonds Melody Loop 10 - 110 BPM D# Min
Value: $47

Havoc - Hip Hop Beat Starters

Want to learn more about how Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, or Tay Keith put together their chart-topping tracks?

Our team of experienced beatmakers created 5 fully-fledged, professional Hip Hop beats in different styles and exported every section into stems for this pack.

These stems are perfect for learning how the different elements of premium Hip Hop beats fit together, and you can easily drag and drop specific stems into your own beats as well!

Havoc Beat Starter - Reputation
Havoc Beat Starter - Loyalty
Havoc Beat Starter - Legacy
Havoc Beat Starter - King
Value: $47

Huncho - Melody Collection

This incredible collection of modern Hip Hop melody loops is the best source of inspiration you’ll find for creating beats.

Our team used insider production techniques to make sure every melody loop sounded high quality and authentic -- this collection covers a wide variety of keys and styles as well.

Melody loops like these are extremely valuable because they make up the entire foundation of your beat, and you’ll have full licensing rights to every single one.

Huncho Melody Loop 1
Huncho Melody Loop 2
Huncho Melody Loop 42
Huncho Melody Loop 46
Value: $35

Phantom - MIDI Pack

We’ve covered a wide variety of styles and genres in this one with 150 high quality MIDI files -- you’ll find everything from happy chord progressions to dark melodies and more.

You can use each MIDI file as they are, rearrange the chords and notes to your liking, or even study them to learn how effective melodies and progressions are written.

Make the entire production process smoother, more efficient, and more fun with these great MIDI files!

Phantom MIDI Loop 17
Phantom MIDI Loop 75
Phantom MIDI Loop 113
Phantom MIDI Loop 129
Value: $50

Bangin’ 808s + Boomin' 808s

With how popular 808s are now, and the unique uses of them that artists bring to the table, there are ENDLESS possibilities with how they can sound.

And with 100 samples and 35 presets (including Serum and Massive) to choose from across these two sample packs, you’ll never run out of 808s to use.

Not to mention, each preset is fully customizable through the use of macros – giving you the capability to create over 100 brand new sounds!

Boomin808's 11 - D#
Boomin808's 40 - F#
Bangin 808's 5 - C#
Bangin 808's 28 - E