Sample Pack Box

SHADOW: Drum One Shot Collection

Crisp & Punchy Drum One Shots Optimized For Hard Hitting Trap

SHADOW delivers on a new pack of modern Trap inspired Drum One Shots, pre-processed to slice right through the mix.

This includes everything from heavy hitting Trap Kicks, Snares, Rims, Claps, Hihats, Cymbals, Percs, and more.

We made sure that every sound inside was good to go straight out of the box, so there isn’t much additional processing you’ll need with these drums.

Kick (Grounded)
Snare (Lord)
Rim (Formation)
Clap (Noise)
Cymbal (Broken)
Hihat (Lowride)
Open Hat (Fumes)
Percussion (Cowbell)
Supported Daw
Supported Daw