Scarlet Instrument Loops & MIDI

Scarlet Instrument Loops & MIDI
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Caution: A new trend is emerging…rather, an OLD trend is coming back

People want to hear REAL INSTRUMENTS in music again! Big surprise…

We keep hearing new hits charting with beautifully recorded pianos, strings, and brass..

This pack contains some of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Piano, Strings, and Brass loops we’ve ever heard.

As if that wasn’t enough, we had them transcribe each loop into MIDI as well. So you can see exactly how each of these complex chord progressions and melodies break down in your piano roll.

Each loop is recorded with unique velocities and timing – you can truly FEEL the humanity in the performances!

With 25 Piano Loops and 25 Strings Loops bring the humanity back into your music.

Download Scarlet Instruments now – don’t pass on this rare opportunity to get an edge over the other producers who are limited by only digital sounds!


Included in this pack:

  • 25 Piano Loops + MIDI
  • 25 Strings Loops + MIDI


  • Format: .WAV
  • File Size (Zipped): 196.9 MB
  • File Count: 75 Samples + 50 MIDI

Listen to "Scarlet Instrument Loops & MIDI" In Action:

Scarlet Brass Loop 3 110 BPM C Min
Scarlet Brass Loop 16 150 BPM G Min
Scarlet Piano Loop 4 110 BPM E Maj
Scarlet Piano Loop 11 140 BPM D Maj
Scarlet Piano Loop 25 180 BPM A Maj
Scarlet String Loop 11 128 BPM G Min
Scarlet String Loop 16 140 BPM G Min
Scarlet String Loop 17 140 BPM G Min