Take your beats to the old town road…
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Old Town - Hip Hop Sample Pack

What exactly is “Old Town”?

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X is probably the biggest song in the music industry right now. 

Both the original, and the remix with Billy Ray Cyrus, have gained hundreds of millions of plays on all platforms in just a few weeks!

So inspired by the meteoric rise of this song, our team created “Old Town” - Hip Hop Sample Pack which captures the seamless blend of country music elements and modern trap drums Lil Nas X has perfected.

This pack comes filled with all the modern trap drum loops, hi hat loops, 808s, drum one shots, and more that you need for the backbone of your beats.

But it also comes with plenty of country-inspired melody loops that were carefully written and processed to work perfectly in a Hip Hop setting -- and we believe this is exactly what makes “Old Town Road” so special.

Not to mention, we’ve also included several MIDI files to help you make your own melodies, and great FX samples to tie everything together as well. 

Now is the perfect time to grab “Old Town” - Hip Hop Sample Pack for FREE!


Here is a taste of the high quality Hip Hop samples you will get:

Old Town Top Loop 8 - 140 BPM
Old Town Full Drum Loop 6 - 130 BPM
Old Town Melody Loop 11 - 150 BPM D Min
Old Town Melody Loop 9 - 150 BPM C Maj
Old Town FX 1 - Banjo Strike
Old Town FX 2 - Horse
Old Town Snare 2 - D
Old Town 808 8 - E