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Utopia - Melodic Sample Pack

What exactly is “Utopia”?

Porter Robinson is one of the most talented and creative producers in the EDM scene.

His Worlds album displayed phenomenal melodic elements, impressive sound design, and deep embedded messages -- quickly becoming a classic to millions of music fans worldwide.

And Porter’s incredible new Virtual Self project has taken the scene by storm as well.

So, inspired by these projects, we put together “Utopia” Melodic Sample Pack: A collection of high quality samples & loops that highlight the incredible sounds and melodic elements that Porter Robinson is known for.

You’ll find great synth loops and drop loops to spark inspiration, as well as many synth one shots that can be used to create your own unique melodies.

We’ve also included MIDI files that you can rearrange and learn from to improve your songwriting as well!

Not to mention, you’ll get incredible drum loops, drum one shots, and FX as well to help you turn your melodies into fully fledged tracks.

So add this awesome collection of Porter Robinson inspired sounds to your library now while it’s still free!


Here is a taste of the high quality samples you will get

Breakdown Loop 1
Drop Loop 1
Drop Loop 4
Full Drum Loop 6
FX 2 - Virtual Birds
FX 8 - Vocal C
Synth Shot 1 - C
Top Drum Loop 6