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Want To Upgrade Your Library?
Get Our New Vocal Collection + 4 New Studio Acapellas
For $394 $87

*All vocals are 100% royalty-free*

This New Vocal Collection Includes:

*This is a limited time offer.

Value: $97

Ethereal Vocal Loops & One Shots

“Ethereal” is an all-encompassing collection of premium vocal resources that will help you add an authentic human feel to your songs.

You’ll get 350 Vocal Ad Libs, Vocal Arps, Vocal Chops, Vocal One Shots, Vocoder Loops, and more!

These vocal samples & loops cover a wide variety of genres and styles including dark trap chops, melodic future bass runs, and everything in between. 

Ethereal Vocal Chop 1 - 100 BPM
Ethereal Vocal Arp 12 - 110 BPM
Ethereal Vocal Ad Lib 20 - 110 BPM
Ethereal Vocoder Loop 7 - 128 BPM
Value: $200

Celestial Acapellas Vol 1

Finding a great vocalist to collaborate with can be extremely difficult for the majority of producers -- let alone paying them and booking expensive studio time to record!

So we reached out to some incredibly talented vocalists and professionally recorded 3 original acapellas with them -- all of them are pitch corrected, time synced, and 100% ROYALTY FREE.

Not to mention you’ll get dry and wet versions of each and harmony lines to utilize as well!

Monster Main Vocal Wet - 128 BPM
Tonight Main Vocal Wet - 164 BPM
Alone Main Vocal Wet - 140 BPM
Alone Harmonized Vocal Dry - 140 BPM
Value: $97

Celestial Bonus Acapella

This is a special bonus acapella that we’ve decided to include in this bundle!

It’s another completely original acapella that is pitch corrected, time synced, and 100% ROYALTY FREE too.

The included dry version is perfect for making your own vocal chops, and the wet version is instantly ready to fit into your completed song

Remember Me Acapella Dry