Illusion Plugin
Reshape Any Audio Signal with Unique Echo & Pitch Modulation

ILLUSION is a unique delay plugin that was heavily inspired by vintage hardware delay pedals.

To be more specific, this plugin is a detailed emulation of a bucket brigade delay (BBD).

The delay / pitch shifting capabilities of ILLUSION can transform any sound thousands of different ways.

Whether you’re using it on a melody, one shot, vocal, percussion, drums, etc...

We designed this plugin to instantly transform any audio signal you throw at it.

Make sure you listen to the “before and after” demos below to get a better understanding of what it can do.

What makes Illusion special?

This plugin harnesses the magic of analog gear, infusing your sound with the richness and warmth that genuine BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) technology is admired for.

ILLUSION pushes the boundaries, stacking not one, not two, but FOUR of these iconic BBD chips, allowing you to re-imagine the sonic DNA of any sound with pinpoint accuracy.

And then, there's the unpredictable pitch-shifting sequencer. It's not just about delay; it's about sculpting your sound in ways previously unimagined.

With ILLUSION, you're free to explore, to innovate, to create something truly unique.

Illusion Plugin
Illusion Plugin
How does Illusion work exactly?

ILLUSION seamlessly blends the realms of delay and pitch shifting, with precise control over the outcome.

The Delay feature controls the timing at which the delay is triggered with multiple parameters including Glide, Ping Pong, Feedback & BPM Sync.

The Filter parameter controls the strength of your audio signal through the cutoff frequency of a low-pass filter.

The Modulation parameter controls the pitch of the delayed signal by modulating the Clock rate.

The adjustable Loop Length parameter controls the amount of time it takes before the affected audio loop.

Hear The Creative Possibilities of ILLUSION:
BEFORE: Kalimba Preset
AFTER: Kalimba Preset
BEFORE: Dark Guitar Preset
AFTER: Dark Guitar Preset
BEFORE: Sine Pluck Preset
AFTER: Sine Pluck Preset
BEFORE: Synth Preset
AFTER: Synth Preset
BEFORE: Rimshot Preset
AFTER: Rimshot Preset
BEFORE: Chorus Preset
AFTER: Chorus Preset