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Panther Hip Hop Drum Kit
The team put this pack together with the idea of making the ultimate drum resource for hip hop and trap style drums.
In this drum kit you will find no filler samples, every sound is high quality and a go-to for creating solid drum loops quickly.
If you just need a good, no-nonsense pack of drums you can rely on, Panther Drums are what you need.

Panther Hip Hop Drum Kit specs:

  • 64 Samples
  • 100% royalty free
  • Total size: 212.8 MB
Attitude Drum Loop - 145 BPM
Destruction Kick - F#
Knife Drum Beat - 138 BPM
Love Rimshot
Purple Hip Hop Melodies
It’s super important to have quality melodies that stand out when it comes to producing, and Purple contains some of our most unique melodies we’ve released recently.
There are a ton of different vibes from energetic to mellow and vibey. Every loop in this pack is made to be an attention grabber.
This collection captures exactly what Trap is all about, giving you many different vibes to choose from when you’re looking to make a banger track.

Purple Hip Hop Melodies specs:

  • 16 Samples
  • 100% royalty free
  • Total size: 1 GB
Baby Won't You Stay
Bad Dreams
Cymatics Box Image
Cymatics Box Image
Seismic 808 Samples
If you’ve been using the same few 808s for a while then this pack will help liven up your sound with some fresh 808s.
Each 808 in this pack truly has its own identity, and can fit in a variety of different styles and uses musically.

Seismic 808 Samples specs:

  • 18 Samples
  • 100% royalty free
  • Total size: 6.1 MB
Earthquake 808
Hardware 808
Slump 808
The Trunk 808