Get 200+ of our most popular royalty free melodies for $47!
This bundle includes 10 different sample packs. (GEMS Vol. 13 - 22)
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What exactly is
Gems Melodies Bundle?

MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection MAYHEM: Premium Melody Collection

Our GEMS melody packs have become some of our most popular releases to date.

Each pack inside this offer contains premium samples for an entirely different subgenre of production.

With this bundle, you’ll get 10 different sample packs from the GEMS series with volumes 13 - 22.

This includes Classic, Lofi, Dark Trap, Nostalgic, Drill, RnB, Various, Vintage, and Trap melodies.

Between all 10 packs inside, you’ll get 200+ premium melody loops with stems & MIDI included for every sample.

Licensing rights included:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All melodies are 100% royalty free

Preview samples from Gems Melodies Bundle

Gems Vol. 13 - A Glimmer Melody
Gems Vol. 14 - 9AM Melody
Gems Vol. 15 - Fish Scale Melody
Gems Vol. 16 - Alone Tonight Melody
Gems Vol. 17 - Apocalypse Melody
Gems Vol. 18 - D'Amour Melody
Gems Vol. 19 - Delirium
Gems Vol. 20 - Amnesia Melody
Gems Vol. 21 - Energy Melody
Gems Vol. 21 - Cloud Nine Melody
Gems Vol. 22 - Aspen
Gems Vol. 22 - Deep Dive

10 Different Sample Packs, 100% Royalty Free

See what exactly is included with Gems melodies bundle

Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Gems Vol. 13: Classic Hip Hop Melodies

Vol. 13 of our Classic Gems collection truly captures the feeling and authenticity you get when you sample straight off of a vinyl record.
We wanted to encapsulate the sound of classic hip-hop, without having to actually dig through crates to achieve it.
The melodies inside are designed to pair with swinging, off the grid drums, capturing that classic vibe of old school hip-hop.
A Glimmer Melody
Bluff Melody
By The River Melody
Euphoria Melody
Gems Vol. 14: Lofi Melodies

There’s no question that Lofi has easily become one of the most popular sub-genres of Hip-Hop.
From dreamy chords to wavy pads, our Lofi GEMS pack really captures the imperfect aesthetic of the popular sub-genre.
So the team put together a collection of many different lofi styles to play with, all capturing the dream-like vibe of Lofi.
9AM Melody
Crescent Moon Melody
Misty Eyed Melody
Summer Daze Melody
FURY: 808 Collection
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Gems Vol. 15: Dark Trap Melodies

Some of the biggest songs in the Hip-Hop game fall under the Dark Trap sub-genre, from producers like Murda Beatz, Cubeatz and more.
Our Dark Trap collection is packed full of evil and dark sounding melodies, perfect for pairing with heavy drums and huge 808s.
This is our go-to melody pack if you’re looking to make hard hitting trap music for artists such as Future, Migos, Comethazine, etc.
Fish Scale Melody
Harm's Way Melody
Purple Daze Melody
Skeleton King Melody
Gems Vol. 16: Nostalgic Melodies

With our Nostalgic GEMS collection, we aimed to capture the feeling you get when a song takes you to a special place or time in your head.
And this pack captures that exact vibe...
With a wide variety of different keys to play with, our goal was to give you some the best melodies for creating complete nostalgia inducing tracks.
Alone Tonight Melody
Golden Melody
The Way We Were Melody
Vague Melody
RAPTURE: Hi-Hat Loops & MIDI
Gems Vol. 17: Drill Melodies

One of the most popular genres of our GEMS series has easily become our Drill packs! And drill music, especially in the past few years, has become one of the most exciting sub-genres in Hip-Hop.
With its unconventional drum bounce & heavy sliding 808s, Drill grabs the attention of the listener in a different way than your normal trap beat typically would.
And this pack of premium Drill melodies pairs perfectly with those elements.
Apocalypse Melody
Man Down Melody
Prayers Melody
Waiting Game Melody
Gems Vol. 18: RNB Melodies

RnB seamlessly merges many genres into one with its wavy chord progressions and soul filled vocal accents.
Our RnB GEMS collection brings tons of different melodic vibes to the table, although spread across many different keys and scales, they all paint the same type of soulful picture.
Bring your next big RnB record to life with these industry standard melodies, guaranteed to inspire new ideas right out of the box!
D'Amour Melody
Drifting Apart Melody
Neroli Melody
Sex In The A.M. Melody
SURGE: One Shot Collection
RAPTURE: Hi-Hat Loops & MIDI
Gems Vol. 19: Various Melodies

This collection of melodies from our GEMS series has many different styles all in one pack!
It’s essentially a collection with a little bit of everything from the rest of our GEMS series, so there is something for every style of producer in here.
Whether you want a specific sound or just want to explore new creative ideas, this collection has what you’re looking for!
Delirium - 120 BPM F Min
Betrayed - 144 BPM A Min
Mello - 132 BPM
Wartime - 76 BPM F Min
Gems Vol. 20: Vintage Melodies

This is our first volume of GEMS where we decided to do something completely different.
We put together a collection of vintage inspired melodies, perfect for creating authentic and timeless sounding records. It was a goal of ours to create a melody collection that would give off the vibe or crate digging and sampling records.
GEMS Vol. 20 is the perfect way to emulate record sampling, and it’s all right in your DAW.
Amnesia Melody
Cloud Nine Melody
Foreplay Melody
Long Time Coming Melody
SURGE: One Shot Collection
RAPTURE: Hi-Hat Loops & MIDI
Gems Vol. 21: Trap Melodies

Trap has become one of the most popular and exciting genres in the music industry period. And with some of the biggest producers having so much success under the genre, there’s no doubt that having great melodies is half of that battle.
This collection captures exactly what Trap is all about, giving you many different vibes to choose from when you’re looking to make a banger track.
It’s super important to have quality melodies that stand out when it comes to producing Trap, and that was one of our main focus points when we created this collection!
Energy Melody
Jewel Heist Melody
Murder Music Melody
Toronto Melody
PACK #10
Gems Vol. 22: Lofi Melodies

The team got a bunch of new gear recently to work on these so they came out sounding extra unique this time around.
Each melody loop comes with its own stems and MIDI file, so you have a lot more to work with when it comes to making your next track.
Deep Dive
French Inhale
SURGE: One Shot Collection