Sample Pack Box


Over the past few years we have noticed that one MAJOR piece missing from a lot of artists arsenals is access to QUALITY vocal recordings.

So, after Drew went in and dropped over $30,000 on equipment to upgrade his studio, we connected with some of the most talented vocalists, and after hours of work put together a CRAZY library of some of the highest quality vocals ever assembled.

Our goal when creating the “EUPHORIA” vocal sample pack was to give producers access to the results of hundreds of hours of recording sessions with both male and female vocalists, giving you an original collection of over 200+ sounds including vocal one shots, sung phrases, vocal fx, a full acapella and more.

And each sample is labeled by key, BPM, and many offer a wet or dry version.

Making it easy for you to drag them straight into your DAW and instantly come up with new ideas however you see fit.

With this library you can take your purely instrumental tracks and add that extra human factor that makes professional tracks stand out from the others.

So grab this incredible pack while it’s FREE now!

Euphoria Sung Phrase
Euphoria Acapella
Euphoria Vocal Chop 8
Euphoria Vocal Chop 12
Euphoria Ad Lib Wet
Euphoria Phrase Dry
Euphoria Processed Phrase
Euphoria Predrop Processed
Supported Daw
Supported Daw