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What exactly is “Empire” Hip Hop Sample Pack?

As many of you may know, Hip Hop is absolutely dominating the music industry right now.

And we want to help ALL Hip Hop producers continue to improve the quality and originality of their music.

So for “Empire” Hip Hop Sample Pack, our production team carefully constructed 100 premium Hip Hop samples & loops that are diverse and easily useable right out of the pack.

And to make sure each sample turned out as authentic as possible, our team referenced specific writing and producing techniques by Murda Beatz, Metro Boomin, and more -- going as far as using the exact plugins they’re known to utilize as well!

This pack is a staple for any beatmaker or producer who is looking for great Hip Hop samples to level up their songs immediately.

Get “Empire” Hip Hop Sample pack now while it’s free!

Empire Kick 3 - F
Empire Snare 6 - A
Empire Melody Loop 6 - 140 BPM C Min
Empire Hihat Loop 3 - 160 BPM
Empire Full Drum Loop 3 - 130 BPM
Empire Melody Loop 1 - 100 BPM G Min
Empire Full Drum Loop 8 - 160 BPM
Empire Melody Loop 3 - 130 BPM D Min
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