Corrosion Plugin
Explore New Dimensions
of Audio Degradation

CORROSION is an FX plugin unlike anything we've done in the past.

It's essentially a powerhouse engine for grit & texture, allowing you to shapeshift any audio signal you feed into it.

Whether you're looking to add a gritty edge to your synths, transform your drums with rich tonal depth, or bring a unique flavor to any audio source...

CORROSION delivers unparalleled grit & character for those who like to experiment with their sound.

There's a certain beauty that can only be found by degrading an audio signal, and that's where this thing shines.

What makes CORROSION special?

CORROSION is more than just an effect plugin; it's a comprehensive sound design tool that brings new dimensions to your music.

Whether you're enhancing a single instrument or transforming an entire mix, CORROSION provides the creative power and precision you need to craft sounds that stand out.

CORROSION introduces an undeniably gritty & edgy character to your audio, perfect for adding intensity and rawness to your tracks.

This effect is ideal for achieving a bold & aggressive sound for anything from Drums and 808s to Melodies, Vocals & anything else you can imagine.

Corrosion Plugin
Corrosion Plugin
work exactly?

CORROSION includes 4 different modules for pinpoint creative control over the desired outcome.

This includes 2 distinct effect modes, which can be controlled simultaneously by 2 different control parameters.

Effect Mode #1: Noise - The Noise Mode lets you infuse your audio with a rich & gritty noise effect that can be finely tuned to your liking.

Effect Mode #2: Tone - The Tone Mode is your gateway to adding warmth, crunch, distortion or any tonal quality you desire.

Control #1: Shape - The Shape allows you to sweep the frequency spectrum to decide where you want the enhancement for each mode to take place.

Control #2: Mix - The Mix Fader controls the “wet” mix amount of each effect mode that you want applied to your dry signal.

Hear The Creative Possibilities
AFTER: 808
AFTER: Drums
AFTER: Flute
BEFORE: Synth Bass
AFTER: Synth Bass
AFTER: Snare