Caverns - Percussion Kit

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Caverns - Percussion Kit

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from boring drums is by incorporating different types of textures and rhythms into your drum beats.

Caverns is built for exactly that, bringing a collection of wide and spacey percussion hits - processed to sound like they were recorded from deep inside an echoing cavern.

These drum hits can help provide an extra dimension to your tracks because of their unique sound.

Caverns - Percussion Kit specs:

  • - 50 Percussion One Shots
  • - 100% royalty free
  • - Total size: 20.6 MB
Perc - Aqua
Perc - Atmosphere
Perc - Chamber Bongo
Perc - Closed Lid
Perc - Float
Perc - Knock
Perc - Little Bell
Perc - Underwater