Aurora Live Drum Recordings

Aurora Live Drum Recordings
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What Exactly is "Aurora Live Drum Recordings"

Incorporating live drum samples into your productions can give your tracks a unique, human feel…

Layering these acoustic samples with your digital drums will add a satisfying, organic touch that will bring your drums to a whole new level.

Aurora Live Drum Recordings was the first acoustic drum pack we created.

And when we released it, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

So due to popular demand… it’s coming back through!

Home to over 660 acoustic drum one shots, loops, and fills, Aurora Live Drum Recordings is your one-stop destination for all the live drum samples you’ll ever need.

We brought in multiple professional drummers to give the pack a solid variety of drumming styles and recorded everything at Atlanta’s Tree Sound Studios.

Get your hands on this MASSIVE collection of live drum recordings to elevate your drums with a unique organic feel!

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Included in this pack: Specs:
269 Live Drum Fills Format: .WAV
207 Live Drum Loops File Size (Zipped): 726.3 MB
130 Live Drum One Shots File Count: 666 Samples
60 Live Snare Rolls

Listen to Aurora Live Drum Recordings in action:

Cymatics Live Drum Fill 8 – 150 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Fill 9 – 150 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Fill 12 – 128 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Loop 7 – 150 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Loop 19 – 128 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Loop 25 – 128 BPM
Cymatics Live Drum Loop 65 – 150 BPM
Cymatics Live Snare Roll 4 – 128 BPM