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New “808 Day Collection” that has tons of brand new 808 samples

808 Day Collection
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What exactly is "808 Day Collection"

We have a new “808 Day Collection” that has tons of brand new 808 samples, as well as some of the best ones we’ve put out in the past as well.

808 sub bass is one of the most important aspects of modern production.

Having powerful 808s and low end in your music is absolutely crucial...especially if you’re creating any type of Hip Hop, Pop, or EDM music.

Finding great 808s, however, can be quite difficult - let alone creating them.

Each 808 has been constantly refined, making sure they are all powerful, versatile, and more useable than ever.

This pack is a staple for any beatmaker or producer who is looking for great Hip Hop samples to level up their songs immediately.

Whether you're a beginner just starting out, or a veteran producer with years of experience.

Take advantage of this special offer and grab 808 Day Collection for free!


Here is a taste of the high quality 808s you will get:

808 Essentials 1 - C
Bonus 808 2 - C
Bonus 808 4 - C
Bonus 808 10 - E
Diamonds 808 30 - B
Omega 808 29 - E
Titan 808 14 - E
WRLD 808 3 - F