Anniversary Offer: Get 1100+ New Premium Drums,
Vocals, One Shots, Textures, & More for $200 $8
*This bundle is a limited offer for our 8th Anniversary Sale.
8 for $8 Anniversary Bundle 8 for $8 Anniversary Bundle Mobile

8 Brand New Premium Sample Packs For $8

To celebrate our 8th year anniversary at Cymatics, we put together a brand new collection of 8 packs for everyone.

We would normally release these packs for around $25 a piece, but we decided to hook the community up with all of them for only $8.

This includes brand new Drum One Shots, Hi-Hat Loops, Hi-Hat MIDI, Textures, One Shots, Vocals, & more.

And our team designed each pack with a different creative inspiration in mind, covering multiple genres / styles including Trap, EDM, RnB, Drill, & much more.

Licensing rights include: Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc Placements with major artists All melodies are 100% royalty free
SATURN: Essential Trap Drum Kit $25
AURORA: Essential EDM Drum Kit $25
PHANTOM: Melodic One Shots $25
PHOENIX: Vocal Loops $25
BLITZ: Hihat Loops & MIDI $25
CYCLONE: Ultimate Bass Collection $25
GALAXY: Tonal Ambience & Textures $25
NEBULA: Foley Percussion & Textures $25

8 Unreleased Sample Packs
Included, 100% Royalty Free

*This bundle is a limited offer for our 8th Anniversary Sale.

SATURN: Essential Trap Drum Kit
SATURN: Essential Trap Drum Kit

Saturn covers all of your needs for hard hitting Trap / Hip-Hop, with 100+ new drum one shots.
Our top sound designers put together a variety of mix-ready Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi-Hats, Cymbals, Percussion & more for making banger beats.
For these drums, we pulled inspiration from some of the biggest songs in the Trap genre, to deliver on placement ready drum sounds.
Hihat (World)
Kick (Magic)
Rim (Strong)
Snare (Rico)
AURORA: Essential EDM Drum Kit

Aurora provides you with 100+ premium EDM drum one shots that pack a punch for any type of high energy track.
This includes everything from crisp and punchy Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hi-Hats, Cymbals, Percussion, and more.
Whether you’re producing House, Future Bass, Dubstep, Hyperpop, etc, we included EDM style drums that work well for each subgenre.
Clap (Scene)
Kick (Stitch)
Percussion (Beam)
Ride (Point)
PHANTOM: Melodic One Shots

Phantom includes 100 brand new melodic one shots, designed to help you build your own melodies from scratch.
Inside the pack, we included a variety of styles with everything from Bells, Pads, Leads, to Plucks, Keys, Synths, & Instruments.
Each of these one shots have been pre-processed by our team to ensure that you get a smooth & finished sound as soon as you drag one in.
BELL Gillette (C)
INSTR Cello 2 (C)
KEY Bright (C)
LEAD Kinetic (C)
PHOENIX: Vocal Loops

Phoenix delivers on 50 brand new vocal loops for Trap, Drill, EDM, RnB, and more.
Each of these vocal samples are processed in a way that easily blends in with your tracks, so they are mix-ready out of the box.
If you’re looking to add human emotion, feeling, and texture to your music, these vocal loops are perfect for achieving exactly that.
Charmer Vocal Loop - 118 BPM A Min (Trap)
Closer Vocal Loop - 110 BPM D# Min (RnB)
In Danger Vocal Loop - 109 BPM F Min (Drill)
Sunrise Vocal Loop - 140 BPM C Min (EDM)
PHOENIX: Vocal Loops
BLITZ: Hihat Loops & MIDI
BLITZ: Hihat Loops & MIDI

Blitz includes 50 additional MIDI for crafting industry ready hi-hat patterns in your beats.
You can use these to inspire your own ideas, see how we write hi-hats, customize them, or simply just use them as is.
We designed these specifically for Trap / Hip-Hop, and they work well with any BPM you have in mind for your next banger beat.
Hihat Loop 8 - 141 BPM
Hihat Loop 12 - 150 BPM
Hihat Loop 30 - 149 BPM
Hihat Loop 48 - 146 BPM
CYCLONE: Ultimate Bass Collection

Cyclone includes over 200+ premium bass samples designed for Trap, EDM, RnB, and many more styles.
Inside, we put together heavy low end samples such as hard hitting 808s, Donk Basses, Reese Basses, and Acoustic Basses.
Each of these low end sounds were created by our top sound designers, to give you the ultimate bass kit for heavy low end on any style of track.
808 Liver (C)
ACOUSTIC Nirvana (C)
DONK Believe (C)
REESE Define (C)
CYCLONE: Ultimate Bass Collection
GALAXY: Tonal Ambience & Textures
GALAXY: Tonal Ambience & Textures

Galaxy focuses more on the tonal & ambient realm of sound, which is perfect for texturizing your melodies and overall song concepts.
We included 70+ different textural sounds, with atmospheric style soundscapes and textures to bring your music to life.
Try these out in your track’s intros, outros, bridges, etc, or use them in your entire track to take your song to the next level.
Anima Tonal Ambience - C Min
Breach Tonal Ambience - C Min
Disaster Tonal Ambience - G Min
Skyline Tonal Ambience - D Min
NEBULA: Foley Percussion & Textures

For Nebula, our team recorded 480+ unique percussive sounds from tons of different objects.
These foley sounds work perfect for spicing up your drums, adding a ton of texture and character throughout.
And each foley sound was designed to work for pretty much any style of production, including Trap, Hip-Hop, Lofi, EDM, etc.
Foley - Book 6
Foley - Coin Drop 1
Foley - Keyboard 1
Foley - Mouth Piece 4
NEBULA: Foley Percussion & Textures
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