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10 Of Our Best Selling Sample Packs For Only $10

For the next 48 hours, we decided to hook everyone up with 10 of our community favorite packs for only $10.

These packs would normally cost upwards to $20 a piece, but we’ve been receiving so much love from the community that we wanted to give back.

This bundle includes 8 GB of producer favorite Melodies, Drum One Shots, Hi-Hat Loops, 808s, Hi-Hat MIDI, and FX.

We included a wide variety of styles for the 10 Melody Packs, not to mention it comes with 5 Bonus Drum, 808, & FX kits for free.

Licensing rights include: Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc Placements with major artists All melodies are 100% royalty free
ASCENSION: Guitar Melody Loops $20
HORIZONS: Gospel Melody Collection $30
GEMS Vol 19: Various Melodies $20
GEMS Vol 3: Nostalgic Melodies $20
SEASONS: Hip Hop Guitars $10
FRACTALS: Synth Melodies $47
ETHER: Melody Loops $15
FUEGO: Trap Melody Loops $30
GEMS Vol 6: Future RnB Melodies $20
WAVES: Melodic Melody Loops $20
FLAVOR: Drum Loops $35
LETHAL: 808 Samples $10
MAGIC: Hip Hop Drum Kit $47
2023: FX Samples $20
TURBO: Hihat MIDI & Loops $27

10 Unreleased Sample Packs
Included, 100% Royalty Free

*Only available for a limited time

ASCENSION: Guitar Melody Loops
ASCENSION: Guitar Melody Loops

Ascension was created by our team of world class guitarists, with each guitar melody telling its own unique story.
Guitar can be one of the most versatile instruments, and because of this, these melodies can work for a ton of different production styles.
Whether you’re making a vibey RnB record, hard hitting Trap beat, or spaced out Lofi track...
This collection of premium guitars has something for just about every approach in today’s music.
Blossom - 150 BPM G Min
Burn - 145 BPM C# Maj
Falling - 144 BPM C# Min
Lovely - 151 BPM A Min
HORIZONS: Gospel Melody Collection

Horizons is a pack of Gospel inspired melody loops, written by multi-talented instrumentalist and producer SWSHR.
SWSHR is an expert piano player, so each melody included carries a ton of human emotion and energy throughout every sample.
Inside you’ll get a variety of unique soulful melody compositions, these pair perfectly with multiple genres including RnB, Trap, Drill, and more.
If you’re looking to create a melodic record that stands out, these gospel melodies set an instant vibe right out of the box.
Come Back - 144 BPM G# Min
On My Own - 150 BPM E Min
Perfectionism - 150 BPM G Min
Prayer Hands - 145 BPM C# Min
HORIZONS: Gospel Melody Collection
GEMS Vol 19: Various Melodies
GEMS Vol 19: Various Melodies

This collection of melodies from our GEMS series has many different styles all in one pack!
It’s essentially a collection with a little bit of everything from the rest of our GEMS series, so there is something for every style of producer in here.
Whether you want a specific sound or just want to explore new creative ideas, this collection has what you’re looking for!
Delirium - 120 BPM F Min
Betrayed - 144 BPM A Min
Mello - 132 BPM
Wartime - 76 BPM F Min
GEMS Vol 3: Nostalgic Melodies

Some of the best music has the ability to give you that special feeling of nostalgia.
Artists like SwuM, Mac Demarco, and Clams Casino are perfect examples of this, because the music takes you to a special place or time in your head.
That special feeling is exactly what we wanted to channel with the melodies in this collection.
Our Nostalgic Collection is full of so many different style loops for you to choose from in just about every key, so you won’t have any issues finding the right vibe that you’re looking for.
GEMS Vol 3: Nostalgic Melodies
SEASONS: Hip Hop Guitars
SEASONS: Hip Hop Guitars

Since our guitar packs have been so popular lately, we wanted to release a new one that’s focused on emotional hip hop melodies!
These melodies are all perfect for creating radio sounding hits, inspired by big artists like Post Malone, NBA Youngboy, Trippie Redd, & more.
Inside, there are 11 royalty free guitar samples with stems included.
Different Day
FRACTALS: Synth Melodies

This collection of virtual style synth melodies was inspired by the sound of major artists like Yeat and Lil Uzi Vert.
Each melody inside was created using some of our favorite synth sounds, from both VST and hardware synthesizers.
Every loop in this pack was designed to pair well with hard hitting drums and 808s, straight out of the box.
We also included the original MIDI and stems for each melody, to give you full control over every melody inside.
1337 - 137 BPM A Min
Count Up - 136 BPM F Min
Donut Shot - 140 BPM D# Min
Merkury - 134 BPM D# Min
FRACTALS: Synth Melodies
ETHER: Melody Loops
ETHER: Melody Loops

Ether Trap Melodies is full of synth-based dark trap melody loops, including stems and midi for each.
In the past few years artists have been experimenting and taking sounds in all kinds of strange directions as far as melodies and sound design goes.
Ether comes with a wide range of different style melody loops, from dark and atmospheric synths to hard drill style melodies, with some being so unique it's hard to even describe.
Astral Projection - 72 BPM C Min
Crucible - 120 BPM F Min
Fable - 108 BPM D Min
Love U - 143 BPM G Min
FUEGO: Trap Melody Loops

Fuego is a Trap melody sample pack inspired by artists like Kodak Black, NBA Youngboy, Migos, and Lil Yachty.
Having solid melodies behind your beats is the best way to get them to stand out to listeners.
This collection has different style samples for you to build off of, along with stems and MIDI for every melody.
With audio processing techniques like pitching, reversing, and chopping, you can really create dozens of different tracks, from one loop alone.
Atypical Melody
Creepin Melody
Dope Melody
Fuego Melody
FUEGO: Trap Melody Loops
GEMS Vol 6: Future RnB Melodies
GEMS Vol 6: Future RnB Melodies

If you’re looking to create tracks for artists like Post Malone, Drake, The Weeknd, etc...
Our Gems Future RNB Collection is exactly what you are looking for!
RNB has always been one of the most successful genres of music in general, and with it slowly meshing into other genres of hip-hop, we are moving into a new generation of RNB itself.
That is why we created this collection, to give you all of the future sounding RNB sounds that you need to create today and tomorrow’s next hits.
Bliss - 115 BPM A Min
Fading Away - 102 BPM G Min
Luxury - 110 BPM E Maj
Midnight - 160 BPM A# Min
PACK #10
WAVES: Melodic Melody Loops

Waves Melody Loops is entirely focused around nostalgic and melancholic sounding melodies.
For this pack, our team designed a variety of colorful and expressive samples, eached filled with a ton of emotion.
We aimed to capture the feeling of nostalgia you get when a song takes you to a special place or time in your head.
These melodies can work extremely well for multiple different styles of production, whether it’s Trap or even EDM.
Breathing - 155 BPM A# Min
Fractals - 140 BPM D Min
Meaning - 140 BPM G# Min
What If - 140 BPM G# Min
WAVES: Melodic Melody Loops

5 Bonus Drum, 808, & FX Kits Included For Free:

*This bundle is a limited offer for 48 hours only.
FLAVOR: Drum Loops
FLAVOR: Drum Loops

FLAVOR is packed full and top drum loops, all unconventional and perfect for creating a unique identity in your music.
The team put this pack together with the idea of making the ultimate drum resource for taking your tracks to a completely different level.
So if you’re a producer who likes to experiment with their sound and play with different swings and pockets, this pack is for you.
Acid Heavy Drum Loop
All Night Drum Loop
Blue Moon Drum Loop
Extra Mile Drum Loop
LETHAL: 808 Samples

You shouldn’t have to do much work to make your 808’s punch through the mix.
We designed every 808 in this pack to work with any style of beat, from clean and crisp to dirty and distorted, there is a little bit of everything in extremely high quality.
With Lethal 808s you will have the only set of 808’s you’d ever need to create any type of track you want.
Attitude 808
Charlotte 808
Growl 808
Rumble 808
LETHAL: 808 Samples
MAGIC: Hip Hop Drum Kit
MAGIC: Hip Hop Drum Kit

From colossal sounding drum loops to super crisp one shots, MAGIC has all of the drum sounds you need for bringing a hit record together!
These are easily some of the most crisp sounding drums that our team of sound designers have ever crafted and they are sure to make your beats stand out.
MAGIC includes tons of kicks, snares, hats, percs, drum loops, and more!
Magic Trap Drum Loop
Magic Drill Drum Loop
Magic Kick
Magic Snare
2023: FX Samples

For this pack, our main focus was to put together a unique collection of various FX samples, for embellishing any type of track.
Inside you’ll get 88 premium FX samples including Arps, Reverse One Shots, Impacts, Vocal FX, and Various FX.
All of these samples were created to work seamlessly within just about any genre you can think of.
These are perfect for splashing some “ear candy” into your music, filling in those empty pockets within your beats to bring them to life.
FX Impact - Gunshot
FX Tonal Arp - 170 BPM D Min
FX Various - Siren - 130 BPM C#
FX Vocal - Yeh - 140 BPM
2023: FX Samples
TURBO: Hihat MIDI & Loops
TURBO: Hihat MIDI & Loops

Creating hi-hat patterns from scratch can be one of the most time consuming and tedious tasks in production.
So we put together a pack of 150 hi-hat loops & MIDI, to help save you a ton of time when you’re working on a track.
When you’re in the moment vibing, you can toss one of these loops in and instantly get a creative bounce going.
And each loop has its original MIDI, so you can drag in a MIDI and customize it to your liking.
Afrobeat Hihat Loop 8 - 100 BPM
Drill Hihat Loop 1 - 137 BPM
RnB Hihat Loop 8 - 110 BPM
Trap Hihat Loop 25 - 152 BPM
Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
  • img1
    Bad Bunny
  • img2
    Anuel AA
    Digga D
  • img3
    Roddy Ricch
  • img4
  • img5
    Trippie Redd
  • img6
    Lil Uzi Vert
    Megan Thee Stallion
  • img7
    Key Glock
  • img8
    Central Cee
  • img9
    Nicki Minaj
    Diljit Dosanjh