Limited, only 1,500 licenses available
Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Our most anticipated melody
project of 2022.
For this project, we wanted to bring something fresh and authentic to the table when it comes to melody samples. Our team focused heavily on a wide array of different musical influences and styles, to produce some of our most expressive melodies of the year.
And the entire idea for Zodiac III was to put together a collection of samples that truly stand out on their own.
Because of this, Zodiac III will give you access to a library of both vintage and modern sounds, bringing a unique and experimental approach to every melody.
Not to mention, each sample will include its own original MIDI & stems to give you even more creative freedom.
What's included with Zodiac III purchase: 150 Premium Melodies 4 Exclusive Bonus Sample Packs $100 Cymatics Gift Card Full Licensing rights to each sample
*Only 1,500 licenses will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Preview samples from Zodiac III
Production Suite

Blood Oath - 87 BPM B Min
East Atlanta - 146 BPM C Min
Guardian Angel - 133 BPM C Min
Lionel - 164 BPM D Min
Liquid - 90 BPM C Min
Nevermind - 114 BPM A# Min
Rewind - 104 BPM D Min
Set In Stone - 90 BPM A Min

7 Exclusive Bonuses Included For Free

4 Unreleased Cymatics Packs, Production Course, A Limited ZODIAC III USB, and $100 Cymatics Gift Card

Anarchy: MIDI Collection
Equinox III: Drum Loop Collection

Our team of top producers and our co-founder Drew Cymatics put together this collection of premium drum loops to pair with the melodies in Zodiac III.
Each loop was designed and pulled from actual beat projects that our team has made using the melodies from Zodiac III, so they work extremely well together out of the box.
Inside you’ll get a vast selection of drum loops both modern and vintage styles, providing you with a wide variety to work with regardless of the type of track you’re making.
Mafia Drum Loop - 190 BPM
Subtlety Drum Loop - 159 BPM
SZN Drum Loop - 125 BPM
Time Away Drum Loop - 120 BPM
Gemini III: Guitar Collection

We worked closely with our team of professional guitarists to create this collection of colorful guitar compositions.
Every sample was recorded directly from our live studio sessions, and processed to create a lush and silky sound for every guitar loop.
These work extremely well with soulful RnB, Trap, Hip-Hop, Lofi, and many more production styles.
Backend - 120 BPM F Maj
Empathy - 155 BPM G# Min
Leche - 144 BPM E Min
Shoes - 88 BPM F# Maj
FURY: 808 Collection
HAVOC: Drum Kit
Orion III: MIDI Collection

For those who want to create their own loops from scratch, we had our top composers write a library of unique MIDI files to spark inspiration.
These are completely separate from the MIDI in the main collection, and each composition paints its own picture melodically.
Each MIDI was written based upon a different style and genre, and they give you a ton of flexibility creatively.
So whether you want to use them as is, edit the MIDI, or even study the way that our team writes melodies… There is so much you can do with this collection.
Anomaly - E Min
Clouds - F# Min
Definition - D# Min
Listen - F Min
Genesis III: Vocal Loops

Using vocal samples is a great way to add more life and emotion to a record, not to mention all of the ways you can flip them.
We put together this collection of unique vocal loops to pair perfectly with the main melody collection of Zodiac III.
Each loop inside carries a heavy touch of human emotion and instantly sets a vibe for any track you’re looking to create.
Whether you just want to layer in some vocals or make them the main focus of your track, Genesis has a variety of vibes to choose from.
Audemars Vocal Loop - 88 BPM E Min
Breathing Vocal Loop - 176 BPM D Min
Hotline Vocal Loop - 90 BPM C# Min
Reflections Vocal Loop - 80 BPM G Min
Genesis III
FURY: 808 Collection
Zodiac III: Production Training Course

We decided to create a video training course to help you use Zodiac III at its full potential.
It’s an online course taught by one of our top producers to show how you can use the pack to create top level beats for placements.
This will allow you to follow along step by step as they make beats from scratch using the samples within the collection.
The learning modules in this course will showcase our entire creative process for flipping samples, building drums, mixing, and much more.
*The Zodiac III Production Training Course will go live on December 30th.
ZODIAC III Collectors Edition USB

150, Exclusive Zodiac III USBs will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive Zodiac III Edition USB to the first 150 producers who get a license!
These will come loaded with secret melodies that only those 150 people will get.
Project Files
Cymatics Giftcard
$100 VALUE
$100 VALUE
$100 Cymatics Gift Card

As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets ZODIAC III a free $100 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
*Gift Cards will be sent to your email 24 - 48 hours after your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Earned a Lifetime Customer Here

You guys keep evolving. So impressed with this bundle and its variety, but most importantly, I haven't even worked my way through the entire bundle, and everything I've listened to thus far has been nothing short of amazing.

I absolutely loved the tutorials; these were the gift of the entire bundle. If I can give any opinion for future growth, more TUTORIALS, please :)!!!

Best Premium Bundle Yet!!

This bundle is absolutely the best. Don't miss out.

Sample Pack is Insane

Man, I could not waited for this, just coped my pack, stacking on sound quality is a must


Download the beta pack after just hearing the sounds from that pack, I had to get the full version.


Hands down the BEST samples ,sounds etc in the WORLD! The amount of creativity and how good everything flows when creating is just Incredible. I love creating everything from scratch , and these midi are JUST PERFECT, you get an idea immediately. Every time you guys drop , it feels like. Christmas. I am from Croatia, moved to Sweden when i was like 4. Lived there for 26 years now. But for the moment I'm based in Kosovo, the music industry is INSANE here. So y'all will be hearing Cymatics samples/sounds this year. Not just in Balkans, all over the world. I work with good names ,so this year is going to be epic. I wish you the best and y'all deserve everything good that's coming your way. Stay making dope samples! Bless / Rus

The quality keeps going up

I've bought a lot of the premium suites over the last 2 years. Zodiac 3 has a level of musicality that is pretty much unrivaled by any other company. The melodies have a lot of little details in them. They all have so much emotion in them. The chord choices are spot on and they always inspire me to elevate my creativity for real.

Simply phenomenal

These are some of the best sounds ever! Also, Cymatics nails it when it comes to customer satisfaction...buying sample packs from Cymatics and getting so many free extras is like buying cologne from Macy's and getting all those nice little free sample colognes with your purchase.

This is it!

The quality, the variety, the style, the sound. In short: it's epic

Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
Cymatics Samples Have Been Used By
Bad Bunny
Anuel AA
Digga D
Roddy Ricch
Trippie Redd
Lil Uzi Vert
Key Glock
Megan Thee Stallion
Gucci Mane
*Zodiac III is a limited release,
only 1,500 licenses available