Complete The Zodiac III Production Suite With The Eternal Expansion!

*This offer will not be available after this page


What is the Zodiac III Eternal Expansion?

This melody expansion comes with a new selection of melodies that carry the same approach as the main collection.

We saved some of our favorite loops that the team put together for Zodiac III, to add them into this expansion pack.

The melodies inside give you even more to work with, with a variety of different vibes to choose from.

Each melody comes with its original stems & MIDI, to give you full control over every sound.

Keep in mind, this offer will not be available after this page closes.

Preview samples from Zodiac III Eternal Expansion

Angels - 162 BPM F# Min
Champagne - 81 BPM D Min
Deserter - 140 BPM E Min
Eye On The Money - 76 BPM F Min
Heisenberg - 125 BPM F Min
Millenium - 124 BPM C# Min
Survival - 80 BPM D Min
Yearning - 130 BPM D Min