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We know just how crucial having professional, unique sounds in your track is.

So, our team of sound designers spent weeks experimenting in Xfer Serum with different features and sound design techniques.

And by the end of it all, they had created an insane Serum pack with sounds that no one has ever heard before!

This pack includes sounds for nearly every genre, so you’ll easily be able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

And with sounds from so many different genres, the creative possibilities for your tracks are now endless.

The best part is this Serum pack is completely free!

That means that you’ll be able to download 100 Serum Presets and 50 Wavetables without paying a penny!

Download the Xfer Serum Starter Pack now, use these sounds to take your track to the next level, or reverse engineer them to learn advanced sound design techniques!

Included in this pack:

100 Serum Presets    
50 Wavetables

Listen to the Serum Starter Pack in action:

ARP – Beauty And Beast
BASS – Rocket Fuel
LEAD – Tourniquet
KEYS – E-Piano
CHORD – Shuffle
PLUCK – I Need Some Air
SEQ – Artistic Grace
INSTRUMENT – Pizzicato