Try out 3 of the new bonus packs included for free with VIBES!
These free samples are from 3 of the 8 VIBES bonus packs: Chroma, Textures, & Faded
BELL Ocean (C)
Discovery - 116 BPM E Min
Faded - 85 BPM G# Min
Reflections - 160 BPM A Min
TEXTURES Atmosphere 22 - G# Min
What is included with the full versions of these packs?

Chroma: Analog Synth One Shots includes 74 analog synth one shot samples from our iconic collection of classic analog hardware synths.

Textures: Fx & Ambience includes 96 fx and ambience samples, with live recordings, noise, ambience, and more to help add more life to your tracks.

Faded: Reverse Melody Loops includes 57 reverse melody samples with MIDI & stems to give you full control over every sound.

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