Preview the diverse sonic possibilities of TRILOGY!
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Explore New Creative Territory With Trap, Electronic, & RnB Inspired Sounds

Our top producer has been making music with TRILOGY, and he put together these insane demo tracks showcasing what you can do with it.

If you listen to the contrast between the different styles in the demos, you’ll notice the vast creative possibilities with this collection.

We designed TRILOGY to allow any type of producer to explore new creative territory between the 3 styles inside.

So whether you like to produce heavy Trap beats, Electronic anthems, or wavy RnB records, this project has something for every type of producer.

TRILOGY drops this Friday at 2PM EST!

Preview the sounds of TRILOGY!

Back To You - 165 BPM C Maj (RnB)
Dubrovnik - 144 BPM A# Min (Trap)
Patterns - 82 BPM D Min (RnB)
Photosynthesis - 135 BPM G# Min (Electronic)
Problems - 90 BPM C# Min (RnB)
Racketeering - 143 BPM F Min (Trap)
Sensastions - 125 BPM A Min (Electronic)
Shield - 152 BPM E Min (Trap)
Spaceman - 124 BPM D# Min (Electronic)