*Only 2,500 licenses of the full ZODIAC Collection
will be available on Friday, March 5th at 12PM EST

ZODIAC: the best melodies we've ever made

ZODIAC has been put together after completely reinventing our approach to creating melodies by working with:

  • Professional Vocalists
  • Guitarists, Violinists, Saxophonists, & Other Live Musicians
  • Composers
  • & a ton of new talented loop makers

Now, any given loop might have multiple instrumentalists, producers, & vocalists all contributing. It feels more like an album, rather than simple melody loops. This new method has made our melody loops sound way better & more memorable.

Not to mention, we stepped up the songwriting and wrote multiple sections for most of the melodies, to give you more variety when creating/arranging your next song.

Licensing rights included with purchase:

  • Streaming on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc
  • Beat lease sales on Beatstars, Airbit, etc
  • Placements with major artists
  • All melodies are 100% royalty free

The ZODIAC Beta Pack includes a selection of melodies, guitars, and vocals from the full ZODIAC collection. The full ZODIAC collection will be released on March 5th.

Preview samples from ZODIAC

Erotica Melody
Solstice Composition
Love Guitar Loop
Away Vocal Phrase
Bite The Dust Melody
Soul Vocal Ad Lib
Lavender Melody
Narcos Melody
Earth Melody
Tarantino Melody
Tell Me Vocal Phrase
Tequila Melody

5 exclusive bonuses included for free

4 unreleased Cymatics packs + limited edition collector's USB

Equinox: Drum Loops & Breaks

We included a full collection of drum loops and breaks for you to work with alongside the melodies from ZODIAC.
Working with professional drummers and some of the best hip hop producers in the industry, we ended up with some really unique drums.
Every sample has been processed to create a certain vibe. Some loops feel like you’re sampling old drum breaks off of a record, while others are perfect for adding a high quality touch to your tracks.
Away Drum Loop
OVO Drum Loop
Tape Sauce Drum Break
Underworld Drum Loop
Gemini: Guitar Loops

GEMINI was created by working with professional guitarists of many different styles and vibes.
With guitar being so popular in the industry today, spanning huge records from artists like Post Malone, Gunna, or Travis Scott...
We built the ultimate set of guitar loops to go alongside the main collection of ZODIAC melodies.
Light Guitar Loop
Northbound Guitar Loop
Trust Issues Guitar Loop
Water Guitar Loop
Pisces: Composition Samples

PISCES is a collection of album-like composition samples with live vocals and instruments such as guitar, saxophone, drums and more.
This way you essentially have an entire song to sample, and you don’t have to worry about clearing an old record from the 1970’s because every sample is 100% royalty free
These are by far some of our most unique melody samples that we’ve put together.
Anything Composition
Solstice Composition
Strawberry Jam Composition
Scorpio: Vocal Samples

SCORPIO is a collection that has reached an entirely new level for Cymatics vocal samples.
We have worked with some of the very best professional vocalists to bring this collection to life, and there are so many different styles and vibes throughout.
All key and bpm labeled, these vocals are perfect for building a full song or even just sprinkling in some texture throughout your tracks.
Away Vocal Phrase
Clouds Ad Lib
Soul Ad Lib
Visions Vocal Phrase
ZODIAC Collector’s Edition USB’s

250 ZODIAC Collector’s Edition USB will be given out on a first come, first serve basis.
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive collector's edition ZODIAC USB to the first 250 producers who get a license!
These will come loaded with a special surprise that only those 250 people will receive.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions contact

With ZODIAC you’ll receive a full license to use anything in the collection, so you have 100% rights to sell beats you create with the pack and place them with no issues.
To secure a license and especially grab one of the first 250 usbs, first you will want to join the ZODIAC Waiting List at the top of this page.
This will ensure that you are one of the first producers to receive access to the ZODIAC product page an hour before it goes live to the public!
You will receive a text/email reminder with a link on March 5th, before it goes public at 12PM EST.
ZODIAC is compatible with any DAW!
All of the samples included will have .wav format, so you can import them into any DAW with ease!

*Only 2,500 licenses of the full ZODIAC Collection
will be available on Friday, March 5th at 12PM EST